Qualifying for May primaries concludes Friday, only one race unnopposed

Published 6:53 am Saturday, March 8, 2014

Qualifying has ended for the May 2014 Primary election and candidates have been set.
While primaries are normally held in mid-summer, qualifying deadlines were moved to Friday to accommodate for the earlier primaries this year.
On the ballot for the District 1 seat on the Board of Commissioners are George Anderson (D), Charles Fitzgerald (D), incumbent Jan Godwin (D) and Albert Scott (D).
Registered for District 4 on the Board of Commissioners are Thomas “Rusty” Davis (D), Joe Putnal (R) and Edward “Ted” Snell (R). Registered for District 6 are incumbent Oliver Sellers (D) and William Pete Stevens (D).
Davis said he would like to help represent the agriculture community in Decatur County.
“I just feel like the county needs some representation from the farming community and I have been farming all of my life and I feel like I can help the county,” Davis said after qualifying.
On the ballot for District 2 on the Board of Education is Keith Lyle. Running for District 4 are incumbent Sydney Cochran and John H. McRae. Running for District 6 are incumbent Jacky L. Grubbs and Marvin Van Thomas.
“I’m doing this for the love of the children,” Grubbs said. “I want to see all of them get a good education. I want to see that when students graduate, they have an opportunity as well as a job.”
Thomas said he wanted to not only offer help to students if he was elected to the Board of Education, but also offer any help he could to parents.
“I’m running because I want to continue to be a servant for the constituents of District 6,” Thomas said. “I want to offer all of the help I can to the kids of Decatur County and the parents of Decatur County.”
Running for solicitor general are Ryan C. Cleveland (R), Paul Fryer (D) and Ben Kirbo (D).
Running for City Council in Brinson are Tina L. Easterwood, Hardy Powell and Zacharey Alan Powell.
On the ballot for state senate are Dean Burke (R) running unopposed, Jay Powell (R) running unopposed and Darlene Taylor (R) running against Ron Clarke (R).
May Primaries are scheduled for May 20.

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