Let me tell you about my grandchild

Published 6:16 am Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I’m sure the title of this column has you either rolling your eyes with an “Oh, no!” or fast-forwarding to the next page of the newspaper. But, don’t! It’s not that type of column.

It’s not about Cam’s “chip off the old block” good looks or his smarts. It won’t be about the much-too brief stay he had with Donna Sue and me last week. Being from Syracuse, N.Y., there was only one fly in the ointment or, more accurately, “gnat” in the ointment.

“Gran-pa,” he pleaded, “why are all these flies around me?” He was fighting them with waving hands, but to no avail.

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“Sorry, old buddy,” I said. “They’re called gnats and you’re on your own.”

No, what I really want to say about my grandson is that I wished all children and grandchildren in our country could have the good start in life that he is having. I acknowledge that seven years old is not too far along in the process of growing up and that the road could still be rough and rocky.

At the same time, Cam has at least two things going for him that too many children don’t: Daddy and Momma. And here is another thing. They are married. With two parents and married getting to look old-fashioned, I might as well say his telephone has a rotary dial! Or his favorite Saturday afternoon excursion is going to the “picture show.”

I understand that there are many children these days that have it just as good as Cam. Even those children whose situations aren’t the same are still loved and nurtured with great effort. There are single parents and grandparents who are doing yeoman’s work in regards to their familial responsibilities. Anyone who is giving it their all for the important work of raising children deserves their due.

We need to acknowledge, though, that there are too many children who are not getting some of the basic elements that will lead to a healthy and productive life. I may be accused of being judgmental and I don’t mean to be, but the basic of all basics seems to be parents that love and appreciate their blessings.

These are parents (and it could be one parent) that are willing and able to provide for a secure environment. These are parents that understand the importance of good nutrition and rest. These are parents that help a child in pursuing an education. These are parents who care about what goes in the ears and eyes of their child when the child is at home. These are parents who understand the blessing of having a child and also the responsibility.

When I brag about our grandson, I am not shy to mention all the things he gets to do. Cam will know lots more “stuff” than I do. Yet, when I am bragging about him, I am also thanking God that he has parents who work, care, protect, and love. I pray that Cam either knows that now, or one day will.

Now if you really want to see those pictures of my grandson, gather ‘round!