What a Memorial Day to remember

Published 7:24 am Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Like most years, Memorial Day Weekend is the kick off to our family’s summer at Compass Lake. Our children and their families joined us this past Friday hoping for a long, relaxing weekend, and none of us were disappointed. Even the boat and Jet Ski cranked up at the first turn of the key, providing an early clue this would be a perfect vacation.

Beautiful weather greeted anyone that ventured out this past weekend. Unseasonably cool nights, steady breezes, clear skis and bright sunshine joined together to provide perfect holiday weather.

Part of the attraction of vacations with extended family is doing the same thing over and over. We always have ribs and homemade ice cream. There are many stories told on the dock and an occasional nap in one of the hammocks is inevitable.

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Having small children around changes the dynamic and reminds you each year that everything is not the same. There were numerous firsts for our family this year. Henry is learning to swim well and has totally lost any lingering fear of the water. He jumped off the new inflatable raft, known as the ”Blue Lagoon,” without fear, and with the help of his Uncle Grant even learned to do flips.

Not to be outdone, his cousin Laura conquered her fear of jumping in the water and by the end of the weekend was doing assisted flips herself. There is nothing like some competition between cousins to push their own limits.

The entire family went to the middle of the lake, jumping off the boat in 37 feet of water. It seems so adventurous when the shore is a mile away. The cold, clear water takes your breath away and the kids were shivering as we headed back to shore.

The full moon was an extra treat, lighting up the entire lake and providing long, silver, shimmering lines across the water that seemed to end at our very dock. Finally, the American flag flew high above our dock all weekend, beautiful from every angle on water and land.

This was another special Memorial Day weekend for our family and friends. We made more of the memories that you keep for a lifetime. The irony is that we were celebrating a holiday honoring those whose own lives were cut short in defense of this country.

This year, and every year, I am especially grateful on Memorial Day to those men and women who gave their lives so I could be free. I never take their sacrifice for granted, especially as I enjoy being with the family that I love. It was indeed another memorable Memorial Day.

Dan Ponder can be reached at dan@ponderenterprises.net.