No Momma on Angie’s List?

Published 8:18 am Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I’m not a member of Angie’s List, but I did find a way to use it “risk free.”

If any of you are not familiar with Angie’s List, just hang around the television long enough and you will see it mentioned. It is a company that seeks to help us when we have all these needs around the house or in our lives.

I don’t know about worldwide, but Angie’s List is certainly known throughout the good, old United States. It includes just about every service you could ever need and, then, it rates or reviews many companies that provide those services. It’s very useful and has become a multi-million dollar business in its own right.

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If your car is clanking in places it ought not clank, but you don’t have any idea about who to call? Check out Angie’s List. Need a reputable dentist, but are new to the town? Join Angie’s List for the review of the best in town. It even has a ret section and lists for “pooper scoopers.”

The largest section is dedicated to the home and all its many needs. That did not surprise me one bit. Anyone who has a house knows that the work around it never stops. There is always something that needs fixing.

There is hardly any time that all the appliances work as they should. Does anyone know of a house or home where there is not some leaky faucet or toilet that won’t stop running? There is always some room that needs painting or a cabinet door that refuses to close all the way. Those are just the tips of the iceberg, the obvious things.

Angie’s List tries to give direction with all of those household needs. At the same time, I looked at Angie’s List and saw a great deficiency. It was such that leads me to simply say, “Angie, you are not listing the most important servant or provider of all and, until you do, I won’t be joining.”

What is Angie missing? She has not listed the most important provider in every well-run home that I know. She has forgotten to list Momma!

Everything Angie lists costs money. They are businesses or providers that you have to call and, if you get an answer, then you’ve got to schedule them. They may have good intentions and diligent employees, but they ain’t Momma.

You see, Momma made the home. She knows more about her home than anybody else and, it may not be right, but she is much less expensive than the Maytag repairman or Roto Rooter. Plus, despite the expense of the other folks, they never care about our problems as much as Momma.

With all due respect for Angie’s List, here is my unsolicited review of Momma.

“When I needed her, she came running and she never stopped even when she could have said, ‘That’s enough. You’re on your own.’ She treated me with great respect and love. She knows how to do just about everything and her biscuits are second to none! If you’ve got a problem, you can’t find a better answer than Momma. She has never failed.”