Hey men, don’t forget Thursday!

Published 8:28 am Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How can I forget Thursday? It’s a day that comes around every week.
Well, I don’t mean forget the actual day. I mean don’t forget that it is Valentine’s Day! It’s like the joke I heard about the question, “What is the surest way to remember Valentine’s Day? Forget it once!”
I am thankful that Donna Sue is quite reasonable about wonderful days like Valentine’s Day. She doesn’t expect me to go “hog-wild” over it, but, just for the sake of safety, I don’t forget it. And neither should you, married men.
Plus, if you are looking to get married to that special one, a good place to start winning her heart of hearts is to remember her on days like Valentine’s Day.
A young man with hopes of marrying his girlfriend was very romantic as he said, “I’m not rich like Donald. I’m not good looking like Tom. I don’t have a fancy car like Justin and I don’t have a mansion like Bill, but I do love you and want to marry you.”
His girlfriend responded to his overtures very graciously, “Oh, honey, I love you, too, but what was that you said about Bill?”
Valentine’s Day is a great day to show others, particularly those wives who are always thinking of their husbands, just how much you care. Men, don’t forget the little things that really show how much you love them. But, be careful.
Don’t be like the dolt who thought he was doing those little things like opening the door for her to show his love. Come to find out, he was opening the door to the clothes dryer so that she could more easily put in all the washed clothes. Not necessarily a good thing.
That’s sort of like the joke I read about the husband who was always procrastinating and his wife had had enough. He had not repaired the lawnmower and the grass had grown almost knee-high. As he came home one afternoon, his wife, to make her point, was sitting by the driveway with a pair of scissors, patiently cutting each blade of grass.
The husband, unfortunately, did not catch the significance of the irritated wife. He thought, “Well, I’ll show her and have some fun at the same time.”
Without saying a word he walked past her and returned in a moment with her tooth brush. Not only was she madder than an old, wet setting hen, she was perplexed as to his holding and offering her a tooth brush.
“What’s that for?” she asked with clenched teeth.
The husband’s last words were, “You are doing such a good job with the scissors, I thought that, when you finished cutting the grass, you could sweep the driveway.” The funeral was held just a few days afterwards.
Men, this Thursday will be a great chance for you to overcome all those shortcomings of the past year. Splurge should be the word for Thursday. Splurge with great extravagance. You won’t regret it!

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