Gamble playing in European game

Published 6:18 pm Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Former Bearcat Phillip Gamble is playing in an American football All-Star game in Warsaw, Poland, this weekend and will soon play for a German football team.

Former Bainbridge High School Bearcats All-Region 1-AAAA running back Phillip Gamble, who went on to play linebacker for the Marshall University Thundering Herd, will be playing for the American team in the Saturday, Sept. 1 Euro-American Challenge.

The event, set for the National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland, will be a friendly match in which players will face teams from the United States and a dozen countries in Europe.

It is organized by the European-based Collegiate Development Football League (CDFL) and the Warsaw Eagles, Warsaw’s American football team. The Euro-American Challenge is expected to draw more than 40,000 fans and is intended to boost interest in American football.

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Scouts from the National Football League and the Canadian Football League will also be at the Challenge.

After the Euro-American Challenge, Gamble will fly to Germany to finish the season with the Bielefield, Germany Bulldogs of the CDFL. Phillip’s younger brother, former BHS alumnus Darryl Gamble, played linebacker for the University of Georgia Bulldogs and is now with the National Football League’s San Diego Chargers.