Community members share resolutions

Published 7:54 am Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brooke Thomas


News Intern

As the New Year approaches, several members of the community have set personal goals they hope to accomplish throughout the year.

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For some, setting yearly goals is a tradition. Many people recognize that these personal commitments can be a fun way to improve bad habits or achieve set aspirations.

With the current recession, some consider financial resolutions to be most important. Sandy Smith, a Bainbridge resident, hopes to set her financial obligations first.

“I want to get out of any debt,” Smith said. “That would be a big relief. Having a little money left over would be wonderful.”

Alongside Smith in financial resolutions is Bainbridge resident Samantha Freeman. Freeman hopes to better recognize the importance of saving money and wise spending.

“I want to save more money and cut down on impulse buying,” Freeman said. “I would like to stop spending money just because I have it.”

Angela Baulkman agrees that watching money is her personal ambition this year. Baulkman hopes her resolution to be smarter with money will benefit her in the future.

“My goal is to make better financial decisions,” Baulkman said. “People don’t have much of a choice these days.”

People are also placing their education as a top priority in 2012. De’Monica Washington hopes to continue making progress in her nursing program. One of her goals is to make steps towards improvement in her future field.

“I want to master my skill as a nurse,” Washington said. “Another resolution I would like to make for myself is attending church more.”

After losing a close member of her family, spending more time with loved ones is Jo Woodham’s No. 1 resolution.

“I am going to value friends and family more,” Woodham said. “I lost my daughter recently and it made me realize I need to take more time with family.”

Carolyn Bell, a Bainbridge resident, also wishes to cherish her loved ones in 2012. Not only does Bell want to make more time for family, she also wants to strive towards a better fitness lifestyle.

“I want to work on being closer to my physical family and God,” Bell said. “My other resolution is to increase my physical activity and improve my health.”

Adults are not the only ones who have personal goals and resolutions on their minds. 11-year-old Ivan Akins has also set a goal for himself.

“I don’t want to get in any trouble at school this year,” Ivan said. “I want to be the best student I can be.”

Whether the goal is big or small, New Year’s resolutions allow people to reflect and reach towards personal goals and improvements.