Local gyms expect more fitness fans

Published 12:16 pm Friday, December 30, 2011



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News Intern

Most would agree that losing weight is a common New Year’s resolution that increases business for local fitness centers around Bainbridge.

Curves, Bainbridge YMCA and Anytime Fitness are local gyms that are preparing for a busy start to the year as members of the community set their goals.

Curves is a fitness center located in downtown Bainbridge that is designed exclusively for women. New membership and business is expected to rise in January due to New Years resolutions.

Lucy Yeats, Bainbridge Curves owner, stressed the positive aspects of choosing better fitness as a resolution.

“Fitness goals are beneficial if you want to live longer,” Yates said. “Exercise improves your total health. You’ll feel better and have to rely less on medication.”

In preparation for increased enthusiasm in the faculty, Curves is starting a new program called “Curves Complete.” This program implements diet, exercise and motivation.

The YMCA is another fitness center getting ready for an increase in membership due to New Year’s resolutions. Liv Warren, YMCA fitness director, believes that each year brings renewal.

“Everyone is looking for a fresh start,” Warren said. “January is the perfect time to set your goals high. Everyone is usually fired up and ready to go.”

Along with introducing P90X2, the YMCA has waived the joining fee to help community members better achieve their goals.

Anytime Fitness, a 24-hour fitness center, allows individuals to train around their daily schedules. According to staff member Stacey Ogden, the amount of new members usually increases at the start of the year.

“People are making New Year’s resolutions to get healthier,” Ogden said. “Right now it’s more about health than anything else. People are full-fledged in January; they’re on fire. They’re very energetic and very motivated.”

Anytime Fitness is making it easier for people to meet their fitness goals by allowing members to pay monthly without having to sign a yearly contract.

Jerry Eidson, a member of Anytime Fitness, has a New Year’s resolution to continue to stay in shape.

“I just had knee surgery so I want to get back into running shape,” Eidson said. “I want to do Warrior Dash again and maybe some other obstacle events.”

Eidson believes starting with goals in January is a positive way to implement a better lifestyle.

“Fitness is a good resolution because it will start your year off right,” Eidson said. “Starting with goals in mind is a good way to go.”