Locals recall Christmas memories

Published 9:40 am Friday, December 23, 2011


News Intern

Every holiday season, people hold their favorite memories close to remind them of the true meaning of Christmas.

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Whether it is spending time with family or caroling with friends, the holidays are a time when fond memories are made. This year, people shared what they considered to be their favorite Christmas memory.

Nikki Clark remembers spending Christmas at her grandmother’s house with all of her family. Being able to celebrate with her relatives around a big Christmas tree was something she enjoyed most.

“Granny’s 10 kids and all her grandkids were always home for Christmas,” Clark said. “At my Granny’s house, people were always laughing and enjoying each other’s company. It was fun and festive — you really got the sense of the true meaning of Christmas.”

Clark is not the only one who lists memories of family gatherings as some of her favorite. Della Conley remembers how special it was when her mother cooked Christmas breakfast.

“My mom wanted everyone to be together for Christmas,” Conley said. “Mom got all nine of my sisters and brothers to stay at her house on Christmas Eve. She wanted to have a big Christmas breakfast the next day. That was very exciting for us.”

For Sally King, an uncle’s practical joke was at the top of her holiday memory list. Instead of unwrapping toys, King unwrapped boxes of cereal.

“I was actually excited to be getting my favorite cereals when my Uncle Bo wrapped all my presents in cereal boxes,” King said. “When I found out that there were actual presents in the boxes, I was bummed out. I’ll never forget that.”

Holiday memories come in all forms and for Lis Kennett, the greatest memories came from a simple act of kindness. When Kennett had new neighbors move in, she treated their four children as her own. With Christmas around the corner, Kennett had the children write their own letters to Santa.

“One of them asked for a Christmas tree. They had never had a tree before,” Kennett said. “One night I had their parents keep the door unlocked and that night I set up a tree in their living room. They were so thankful.”

Kennett also shared a Christmas memory from her childhood. One year, her parents got Kennett and her sister real ponies for Christmas. Instead of leaving the ponies in the yard, Kennett’s parents had a better idea.

“They didn’t leave those ponies outside,” Kennett said, laughing. “My parents brought those ponies in our house.”

Brian Carnes enjoys being able to relive holiday seasons through old decorations on his tree. Having homemade ornaments on the family Christmas tree, from when his children where younger, allows him to think back on many Christmases.

“It’s not a single memory that stands out for me,” he said. “Looking at our Christmas tree and seeing ornaments reminds me of past years with my kids and family.”

For others like Shelia Collins, having basic necessities creates the best memories of them all.

“Just being able to have food on the table every year is enough for me,” said Collins. “I thank the Lord for blessing my family with so many happy Christmases together. I pray he blesses everyone this year, especially those in need.”

Thinking about recent or childhood memories from the holiday season brings in the true spirit of Christmas for young and old alike. No matter what the occasion, creating memories with friends and family seems to be the most powerful memory of all.