Sharing the Christmas message

Published 7:40 am Friday, December 9, 2011

JASE GODWIN is encouraged by his parents, “Jimbo” and Allison Godwin, to give away Bibles at father’s business.

Young James “Jase” Godwin has demonstrated he knows the true meaning of Christmas, and he wants to share it with others.

His mother, Allison Godwin, picked him up after school one day recently to take him to his father’s place of business, Decatur Auto Parts on Broad Street.

The third grader at Grace Christian Academy began telling his mom that when he was older and owned his own business he wanted to give Bibles away at Christmas. His mother explained that his father already owned a business and he didn’t have to wait, but could do it now.

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Mother and son promptly went to the store and purchased 50 Bibles, which Jase has placed under the Christmas tree at his father’s business. There is a sign inviting people to take one, but if Jase is there he will give them away personally. One recipient told Jase, “That’s the best gift I could ever get.”

Jase may only be 8 years old, but he already has a firm foundation of Christian faith. His mother recalled that on a hunting trip with his dad, “Jimbo,” they heard a nearby shot. It was so close that Jase hit the ground. His mother asked him later what he was thinking when it happened, and he replied with his favorite Bible verse, “Fear not, for I am with you.”

Jase and his family attend First Church of God in Bainbridge.