Miller is county’s ‘Teacher of the Year’

Published 1:51 pm Friday, September 23, 2011

DECATUR COUNTY SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT Dr. Fred Rayfield congratulates Michelle Miller, an English teacher at Bainbridge High School, after she was named the 2012-2013 Decatur County Teacher of the Year on Thursday night.

Michelle Miller was named 2012-2013 Decatur County Teacher of the Year on Thursday night, during the Decatur County Board of Education meeting. Miller is an English teacher at Bainbridge High School.

“Our Teacher of the Year has a vibrant and dynamic spirit in the classroom, which is conveyed through her teaching,” said Pam Isler, chairperson of the Decatur County Teacher of the Year selection committee. “She showers her students with positive praise and captivates her audience by connecting learning with their world. The excitement in her voice through her teaching engages the students and makes them want to learn.”

The Teacher of the Year selection committee is comprised of the current and former Decatur County Teachers of the Year. Each of the county’s eight schools selects, by secret ballot, a school Teacher of the Year. The school-level winners then complete an application packet, which includes composing an essay that is forwarded for review by the committee.

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Each school-level Teacher of the Year is also observed in a classroom setting by a committee member. The committee then chooses the system-wide winner.

In addition to Miller representing Bainbridge High School, Nicole Glass from Bainbridge Middle School, Kim Adams from Elcan-King Elementary, Kaycee Wade from John Johnson Elementary, Amy Thomas from Hutto Middle School, Kathy Martin from Jones-Wheat Elementary, Nancy Kennedy from Potter Street Elementary, and Debbie Cothren from West Bainbridge Elementary were chosen by their respective schools as Teacher of the Year.