Keeping Flea Town Community Cemetery

Published 1:54 pm Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The Flea Town Community Cemetery located just off Highway 262 North, or Pelham Road very near Climax, was established during the late 1800s.

Through the years many have wondered how it got its name.

According to history provided by one of the cemetery caretakers, Barbara Pugh, the name was derived from “flea” meaning to keep it small.

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In the early years most of the upkeep was maintained by dedicated people. Then in later times a burial organization was started with members paying dues by families. As the years passed changes were made to keep the cemetery clean and in decent order. The small cemetery is still kept up by dedicated volunteers in the Climax community.

Mrs. Clifford Simons is the watch person who makes sure nothing strange or destructive happens in the cemetery.

Pugh volunteers to keep leaves and straw cleaned up around the graves and she removes all old faded flowers.

James Hall Jr. and L.C. Douglas Sr. keep the grass mowed during the summer months.

Christine Patterson is the secretary for the Cemetery Committee.

In 2005, Dr. R.D. “Robert” Carroll of Tallahassee, Fla., and his family had several trees cut, planted hedges in the front and installed a nice entrance gate with the cemetery name. On one post of the gate Dr. Carroll placed a plaque in memory of his parents, Ford and Annie Mary Carroll, who were long time residents of Climax, and remembered by many.

There are 22 war veterans buried in Flea Town Cemetery including one Jairus Shoats Jr. U.S. Navy, World War II veteran who was born in 1924 died in 1989.

“The cemetery is a cherished place of memories for family members,” said Pugh. Numerous visits are made on all occasions by many different people.

“Love never dies, and working together makes for success,” she said.

Many places have let the older cemeteries fall into disarray just as the one we wrote about a few years ago where cows were left to trample on the graves. Climax can be proud of all the cemeteries in the community where our families are resting, and Flea Town is one of these special places of rest.

A big thank you is sent to all volunteers who work so hard all year to make Flea Town so nice for the family members.

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Prayers and get well wishes are sent to Mr. Lee and Mrs. Pearle Hamilton as they are not doing well.


Prayers and deepest sympathy is with the family of Jerry Baggett during their time of grief. Jerry was one of the owners of Jones Country Meats and will be greatly missed.