Stabilize the Y

Published 7:59 pm Tuesday, July 19, 2011

There were the industries—Propex and American Fibers.

Then some of the smaller businesses, and of course the local governments who have had their share of tax increases and cutback.

The recession has hit most all of us, and it’s impact is growing stronger and reaching deeper into our daily lives.

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Unfortunately, the impact is not easing off, and such icons as the local YMCA are failing victim to a weak economy and a perfect storm of other circumstances that it too is talking of shutting down if it can’t figure out how to solve its dire financial footing.

The local YMCA will celebrate its 25th anniversary in September, and a generation has grown to see the YMCA become one of the most respected YMCAs in the country because of all the amenities it offers for such a small town.

Having the YMCA—and all it offers—has always been a strong selling point for our community. Now members of the community should work with and support the YMCA to ensure its sustainability.