Always worthy

Published 6:07 pm Friday, July 15, 2011

No matter the circumstances and no matter the story behind their stories, those who have persisted in their pursuit to better themselves by earning a GED desire accolades.

Whether it’s a grandmother of four who wanted to earn—really earn—her high school degree that ultimately is giving her the confidence to pursue a college education, or a recent high school dropout that didn’t jibe with the school setting, they have accomplished a very important step in improving their lives and the overall well-being of Decatur County.

The GED and the adult education programs are true assets to our community that deserve our utmost support. Hearing the plans, the hopes and the dreams of those who earned a GED on Thursday night was gratifying. Deserving even more gratitude are those who have ensured their students’ hopes and dreams materialize by making that first step.

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