Nurses earn pins in BC ceremony

Published 9:29 am Monday, June 20, 2011

BAINBRIDGE COLLEGE Practical Nursing Program students, who received pins May 10 at the Charles H. Kirbo Regional Center, are seen here before the traditional ceremony. From the left, front, are Clifford Megahee of Edison; Heather Trim of Whigham; Alma Sparrow of Blakely; Sintoria Bush of Bainbridge; Sylvia Anderson of Attapulgus; Kenyana Rambo and Ebony Spear of Bainbridge; Joanna Smith of Colquitt; Jasymn Edmond of Attapulgus; Jennifer Bryan and Susan Bennett of Bainbridge; Janice Newberry of Colquitt; Stephanie Raley and Wendy Godwin of Bainbridge; LaCarrie Davis of Edison; Joyce Davis of Climax; Shirley Hand and Izella Rabon of Bainbridge, and Jessica Moore-Brown of Camilla; in the back are Aubrey Brock of Bainbridge; Valerie Barnard of Brinson; Gary Sorrell and Gail Sorrell of Cairo; Brandi Phillips of Colquitt; Amaretto Herring of Cairo; Kyya Zellars of Midway, Fla.; Jessica Roberts of Donalsonville; Stamey Myrick and Stephanie McLain of Colquitt; Rachel Willis and Darien Williams of Bainbridge; Monice Williams of Arlington, and Mamie Griffin and Freedom Thomason of Bainbridge. Not pictured is Jewelynn Pulley of Bainbridge.

Bainbridge College Practical Nursing Program students from the main campus and the BC Early County Center received pins May 10 in a traditional ceremony at the Charles H. Kirbo Regional Center on the Bainbridge campus.

Honorees are listed alphabetically by their cities.

They include: Monice Williams of Arlington; Sylvia Anderson and Jasymn Edmond of Attapulgus; Susan Bennett, Aubrey Brock, Jennifer Bryan, Sintoria Bush, Wendy Godwin, Mamie Griffin, Shirley Hand, Jewelynn Pulley, Izella Rabon, Stephanie Raley, Kenyana Rambo, Ebony Spear, Freedom Thomason, Darien Williams and Rachel Willis, all of Bainbridge; Alma Sparrow of Blakely; Valerie Barnard of Brinson; Amaretto Herring, Gail Sorrell and Gary Sorrell, all of Cairo; Jessica Moore-Brown of Camilla; Joyce Davis of Climax; Stephanie McLain, Stamey Myrick, Janice Newberry of Colquitt; Brandi Phillips, and Joanna Smith of Colquitt; Jessica Roberts of Donalsonville; LaCarrie Davis and Clifford Megahee of Edison, and Kyya Zellars of Midway, Fla., and Heather Trim of Whigham.

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Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) Club President Stephanie McLain of Colquitt gave the invocation. Club Activities Director Shirley Hand of Bainbridge gave the student welcome after BC President Richard Carvajal welcomed the audience of more than 200.

Club Vice President Freedom Thomason of Bainbridge led the recitation of the Nightingale Pledge. Students Kenyana Rambo of Bainbridge and Amaretto Herring of Cairo led singing with Jasmine Edmond of Attapulgus and Joanna Smith of Colquitt participating.

Health Sciences Division Chair Sheree Dickenson and BCEC Director Joan Simpson presented the class.

Presenting pins to the students were LPN faculty members Rachelle Andreu, who is director of the program, Andrea Ferguson, Wanda Green, Gena Peterson, Annie Welch and Nita Widener.

Mary Glenn Grimes made a special presentation to each graduate and Beverly Thompson provided piano accompaniment.