BC graduation inaugurates new era

Published 10:31 am Monday, June 13, 2011

JAMES C. ULMER OF BAINBRIDGE, the first recipient of the Bainbridge College Outstanding Graduate Medallion, is seen here as he receives congratulations from President Richard Carvajal. In addition to the medallion, which is on a green ribbon, Ulmer wears his gold honor stole.

POSTHUMOUS AWARD is given to the family of the late Vicki Burden, who proudly display her diploma that was granted posthumously at Bainbridge College Graduation May 12. From the left, are nephew, Jamen Cane; sister, Joann Cane; son, Derrick Burden; BC President Richard Carvajal, who awarded the diploma; Ms. Burden’s mother, Alicia Burden; daughter, Kierra Jinks; extended family member, Shaquana Hayes, and sister, Elisa Harpe.

CAIRO COUPLE, Gail and Gary Sorrell, hold their diplomas earned in the Practical Nursing Program at Bainbridge College. They graduated May 12 and had received pins in a traditional pinning ceremony on campus May 10. They now have new goals to continue their studies at BC and become registered nurses.

BAINBRIDGE COLLEGE HONOR GRADUATE and Student Government Association President Jana Simmons of Cairo is all smiles as she marches out from the ceremonies through the corridor lined with applauding faculty. She spoke at the event attended by 2,400.

Graduation on May 12 at Bainbridge College (BC) marked several firsts. It was the first graduation in the new Student Wellness Center, the first BC could accommodate on campus since 1994, the first with President Richard Carvajal, and the first with new traditions that included the presentation of the Outstanding Graduate Medallion.

Vice President of Academic Affairs Tonya Strickland presented the medallion to James Ulmer of Bainbridge, who graduated with his Associate of Applied Science in Electronics Technology. Ulmer received BC’s highest honor, the Academic Recognition Award, May 5 at Honors Night and was the first recipient of the Outstanding Non-Traditional Student award for extraordinary academic achievement and accomplishments.

Graduation’s new traditions included a slide show, big screen projection of each student as he or she crossed the stage, and having faculty and staff speakers on the program. Returning was the tradition of a bagpiper leading the students in procession, and continuing was the trend of having increased numbers of graduates each year. The college’s 358 degrees and diplomas awarded topped 2010’s record of 347.

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Two technical diplomas were awarded posthumously and in loving memory of students who died during Spring Semester. The family of the late Vicki Burden of Blakely attended the ceremony and received her diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education. The diploma in Electrical/Electronics Maintenance was awarded for the late Taurus Hudson of Bainbridge.

Instructor of Learning Support Mathematics Teresa Teal of Blakely served as parade marshal, leading the faculty procession before bagpiper Joe Ashcraft of Tallahassee, Fla., led in the graduates.

Student Government Association Vice President Patricia Williams of Bainbridge gave the invocation. Graduate Reca Flanders of Bainbridge sang the National Anthem a cappella.

After welcoming the 2,400 people gathered for graduation, President Carvajal, who gave the commencement address, introduced Regent Doreen Poitevint of the 2nd Congressional District, who spoke on behalf of the University System of Georgia Board of Regents. Vice President of Business Affairs Shawn McGee of Leary introduced President Carvajal.

Also on the program were two of BC’s Meritorious Award winners, Instructor of Nursing Jeffrey Ross of Donalsonville and Administrative Assistant Cherie Owens of Iron City; Student Government Association President Jana Simmons of Cairo; Interim Dean of Student Services Connie Snyder; Vice President Strickland, who recognized faculty and staff and honor graduates, in addition to Ulmer as Outstanding Graduate Medallion recipient; and Faculty Council Chair Dr. Carol Adams.

Students’ names that follow are listed alphabetically by towns and by their respective areas of study. Students who graduated with Honors are so indicated.

Associate of Arts

Valarie King of Arlington; Ashley Jessica Jones, Jonathan M. Spears, Peggy F. Wade (Honors), Heather Weekley, all of Attapulgus.

Bainbridge residents: Donna Burnett Acosta (Honors), Benjamin Giles Adamson (Honors), Tevin Bernard Akins (Honors), Thomas C. Avery, Luke Colby Barnard, Grechelle D. Blocker, Jessica Patrice Bostick, Tondi Anquinette Brinson, Teresa Burke, Qunta L. Bush, Mary Elizabeth Clendinen, Teresa D. Close (Honors), Kyle Wayne Conoly (Honors), Joshua C. Cook, Trevor Logan Craig, Heather Louise Crews, Maria DeLourdes Cruz, Brittany Marie Daniel, Summer Knight Day (Honors), Waylon Travis Day, John Gordon Dubay II, Kristie Gilley, Corene Jeffery Green, Nicholas Green, Emily Susan Hale, Catina De Sha Harris, Emily Grace Hiers (Honors), Daniel Lamar Humphrey III, Kayla A. Hurley (Honors), Terri C. Jackson, Audrea Ann Jones, John Cody Lord (Honors), John Christian Lott (Honors);

Also of Bainbridge: Tiffany Ann Marshall, Jamie Bruce Marshburn, Monica Shanté McCoy, Amy McDaniel, Alicia Maria Castañeda Messersmith, Carlita Moore, Sam R. Newsome Jr. (Honors), Sonal Patel, David R. Patrick (Honors), Sean Brooks Perry, Kristin Thomas Phillips, Georgette Danieal Pierce, Joseph W. Putnal III, Julie A. Rabon, Berry M. Rentz, Elizabeth Richard, Anthony Jason Sellars (Honors), Garon Sellars (Honors), Carl Alexander Sexton (Honors), Patrice Simmons, Barbara Smith, Regina Antoinette Smith, Shelley Spooner (Honors), Crystal Marlene Starling, Wayne Allen Sykes (Honors), Christopher Lamar Teal, Shirley D. Toliver, Lacey L. Walker (Honors), Patricia A. Williams, Jaleesa Raneé Willingham, Curtis Young, Debra Sherane Zuniga.

Jessica L. Cox, Sonja S. Ford, Rhonda J. Gilbert, Lovora S. Henderson, Starla Kaci Wilbourn, all of Blakely; William J. Turnbull of Boston; Marsha Jo Miller (Honors), William Anthony Yates (Honors) of Brinson; Julia Ann Casey, Rachel N. Irwin, Shannon Omega Jones, Shandrekia Mango (Honors), Bridgette Lee McCorkle, JoAnna Miller, Angelita E. Perry, Leslie Pyles, Jana Leann Simmons (Honors), Eric Ryan Smith (Honors), James Troy Taylor, Deborah Marie Watkins, all of Cairo; Lea Michelle Moore of Calvary; Jerome Smart, Erica Ann Swain of Climax.

Cameron Glass, Kate Bell Maugeri, Christopher Matthew McCorvey (Honors), Leon Perkins (Honors), Tomekia Regina Peterson, Sidney S. Reynolds (Honors), Lee Anne K. Sheffield (Honors), Matthew Craig Tully (Honors), all of Colquitt; Willie F. Wimberly Jr. of Damascus; Ada La’Sha Bullock, Kimalyn M. Earnest, Hayley M. Grand (Honors), Samantha A. Greenway, Andrea LaShae Handrop, Robert Cody Hawkins (Honors), Eloise Jean Haynes, Derrick B. Jones, Saiteria D. Moore, Shaquera Taneica Moore (Honors), Peggy A. Thompson, Michael David Wilfred, Jacquelyane Wilson of Donalsonville.

Latoya Timpson of Edison; Robert Dobbs of Flower Mound, Texas; Lola M. Spann of Fort Gaines; Christopher Adam Tabb (Honors) of Iron City; Megan Frith (Honors) of Jakin; Camille Denise Oliver of Leesburg; Lillian Wingate (Honors) of Meigs; Ashley Goedel Humphries (Honors), Linda Lee Lindsay (Honors) of Pelham; Gabrielle Santiso of Tallahassee, Fla.; Jennie M. Evans, Dominic Antoni Ford, Edris Denise Murry, Carl Washington Jr. (Honors) of Thomasville; Jenna Nicole Barrett (Honors), Alexandra M. Kinnon of Whigham.

Associate of Science in Nursing

Stephanie L. Brock, Kathy S. Davis  (Honors), Heather LeeAnn Downing, Ashley Nichole Finley, Abigail Glass, Kayla Marie Hayes, Dorthy Marshburn, Tess McFay (Honors), Amy H. Mills, Kimberly Charlette Mims, Carla Califf Parrish, Susan Charlisse Skipper (Honors), Jason M. Tabb, Amber Joyce Taylor, Lajuanna Temples, Holly Torres, Charity Alise Kemp Trawick (Honors), Carla Joy Williams, all of Bainbridge; Mary Lee Lindsey of Blakely; Maureen D. Howard of Cairo; Angela F. Bush, Karen Cook, Sunny Marie Gross, Gennette Glover-Hayes, all of Colquitt; Jenny Maldanado, Krystle Posey, Jana Danielle Tatum of Donalsonville, and Amanda Kibler of Fort Gaines.

Associate of Applied Science

Accounting: Kimberly Bridges of Bainbridge; Charles M. Dragovich (Honors), Lee Anne K. Sheffield (Honors) of Colquitt; Melanese Hayes Kegler (Honors) of Damascus; Samantha A. Greenway, Bernice Joy Henderson (Honors), Ashley R. Poole, all of Donalsonville; Sonya Gibson (Honors) of Pelham; Angelia D. Leeks of Whigham.

Business Administrative Technology: Crissema Denise Bennett (Honors), Tawania Crapp-Weekley (Honors), Kristie Gilley (Honors), Rhonda U. Porter, Erica Watson, Lillie B. Wilson, all of Bainbridge; Victoria D. Henderson, Debra Denise Perry, Carolyn T. Robinson of Blakely; Mary B. Bailey (Honors), Amanda Corriveau of Colquitt; Suzanne Leigh Grant of Donalsonville; Megan James of Jakin.

Computer Information Technology: Alex Kendell Anderson of Attapulgus; Joshua L. Allen of Bainbridge; Randall H. Hill Jr. (Honors) of Brinson; James F. Anderson (Honors), Myranda Clemons of Donalsonville.

Criminal Justice Technology: Mary Ann Murphy (Honors), Maude Murphy (Honors) of Bainbridge; Donald Patrick Cofty Jr. (Honors), Alton Miller of Brinson.

Drafting Technology: Forrest R. Paulk (Honors) of Bainbridge; Eric Colvin (Honors) of Cairo.

Early Childhood Care and Education: Reca D. Flanders, Shawntray Session Marcus of Bainbridge; Georgette Salter (Honors) of Blakely; Notasha Johnson Alexander of Pelham.

Electronics Technology: Joshua E. Anderson, Gary Lee Cato (Honors), Louis Pearson Jr., Michael Ray Thomas, James C. Ulmer (Honors), all of Bainbridge; Victor Early of Blakely; Terry Darley (Honors) of Colquitt; Paul Minshew (Honors) of Donalsonville.

Industrial Maintenance Technology: Juan R. Castro, James Dean Elkins (Honors), William I. Josey (Honors) of Bainbridge.

Marketing and Management: Tawania Crapp-Weekley (Honors), Susan Dianna Brock O’Neal (Honors), Natalie Redding of Bainbridge; Bryan Antonio Paige of Blakely; Annie McBride of Cairo; Christopher J. Corriveau of Colquitt; Latonya Shuntai Williams of Pelham; Jennifer A. Dyson of Thomasville.

Medical Administrative Technology: Qunta L. Bush, Anita M. Bynum (Honors), Sabrina Peterson, Rhonda U. Porter, Leslie R. Willingham, all of Bainbridge; Julie Hall Noah (Honors) of Blakely; Mary B. Bailey (Honors), Amanda Corriveau of Colquitt; Megan James of Jakin; Tamyar E. Kelly of Quincy, Fla.

Technical diplomas

Applied Marketing and Management: LaShonya D. Buggs, Eloise Woodall Lewis, Diana Cochran Williams (Honors) of Bainbridge; John W. Sizemore Jr. of Brinson; Jennifer Brown (Honors) of Colquitt.

Business Administrative Technology: Pamela L. Dent of Arlington; Angelia Faye White, Diana Cochran Williams (Honors) of Bainbridge; Patricia Ann Eafford, Tara LaShon George of Blakely; Alesia Hudson (Honors), John W. Sizemore of Brinson; Cynthia Busby, Alacia Scott Lovering of Colquitt; Suzanne Leigh Grant, Elizabeth A. Martinez of Donalsonville; Lakesha Madge of Edison; NaTasha Lakeia James of Fort Gaines; Sandra F. Hudson (Honors) of Iron City.

Computer Information Systems: Sharonda Daniels of Colquitt.

Criminal Justice Technology: Dortea Hines, Mary Ann Murphy (Honors), Maude Murphy (Honors), Ezell Murrell of Bainbridge; Rhonda J. Gilbert (Honors), Shenita Prizzie of Blakely; Alton B. Miller of Brinson; Debra S. Kimble of Colquitt; Gloria Thomas of Whigam.

Early Childhood Care and Education: Chelsea L. Beard, Reca Denise Flanders of Bainbridge; Vicki Y. Burden, Christina Freeman, Linda L. Reynolds (Honors), Alice Mae Wimberly (Honors), all of Blakely; Yolanda S. George of Colquitt; Alexcia Zamone West of Cuthbert; Sasha Graham, Chrisandra Cratic Hawkins of Damascus; Notasha Johnson Alexander of Pelham.

Electrical/Electronics Maintenance: Taurus Hudson of Bainbridge; Jeremy Cody, Jermaine Jackson, Bradley Love of Blakely; Franciss Burden (Honors) of Colquitt.

Industrial Maintenance: Marvin Amerison (Honors) of Colquitt.

Licensed Practical Nursing: Cynthia Cherie Lofton of Arlington; Sylvia Anderson, Lashia M. Carter, Jasmyn Edmond, Taquandra “Leonard” Jacobs, Linda Smith, all of Attapulgus; Stephanie Leigh Barlow, Susan R. Bennett, Nimi Rose Brady, Wendy Michelle Broadnax, Aubrey G. Brock, Anna Marie Brown, Teresia Brown, Jennifer Bryan, Octavia F. Bush, Sintoria D. Bush, Ashley Lynne Connell, Wendy Katherine Godwin (Honors), Mamie L. Griffin, Shirley J. Hand, Ishna Tamika Henry, Tonya Hines, Lakia Jackson, Shemeka King, Melody Martin, Jewelynn Pulley, Izella K. Rabon, Stephanie B. Raley, Kenyana Rambo, Natasha L. Sanders, Chasity L. Sapp, Ebony Spear, Freedom N. Sizemore Thomason (Honors), Darien Williams, Rachel McConnell Willis, all of Bainbridge; Loretta Christine Cowart (Honors), Madeline Shattles (Honors), Veronica Turner (Honors), Crystan Monique Wimberly, all of Blakely; Valerie Barnard of Brinson;

Also: Amaretto Herring, Tamara Robinson, Gail D. Sorrell, Gary A. Sorrell, all of Cairo; Jessica Moore-Brown of Camilla; Camela L. Thomas of Chattahoochee, Fla.; Joyce A. Davis of Climax; Levionte K. Bush (Honors), Shana R. Butler, Ruth Ann Hicks, Eboni Jackmon, Stephanie Cook McLain (Honors), Stamey Seleste Myrick, Jan Newberry, Brandi E. Phillips, Joanna L. Smith, all of Colquitt; Marsha Greene, Shundra Menette of Damascus; Hollie Leneé Deese, Daneisha L. Hill, Crystal Whighan of Donalsonville; Shirley J. Akins of Fowlstown; Barbara Cox, Tameria McNair of Iron City; Kyya Zellars of Midway, Fla.; Lashawn McDaniel of Shellman; Sharonda Clark, Shalandrick Evette Douglas, Keonna Y. Jackson of Thomasville; Heather L. Trim of Whigham.

Medical Assisting: Tykeshia Guyton, Allesaundria L. Knight, Tarcia Peterson, Sheila Phillips, all of Bainbridge; Jean Brogdon of Colquitt.

Medical Administrative Technology: Angel D. Curry, Berinda D. Horne, Audrey G. Howard (Honors), Keinah F. Kirkland, Sabrina Mills (Honors), Brenda Joyce Mobley, Angela L. Thomas, all of Bainbridge; Martha Rena Stapleton of Blakely; Paula A. Backey, Juami Taylor of Brinson; Irish Lafaye Bell, Lacresha M. Garland of Cairo; Melissa Ann Calhoun of Camilla; Tammie K. Brock (Honors) of Climax; Alisia Shari Hopkins, Cierra Grant, Alberta Harrison (Honors), Minnie Kyles (Honors), all of Colquitt; Jessica Wolff of Donalsonville; Debra Denise Curry of Fort Gaines; Bridney Jefferson, Sashya Jefferson of Meigs; Creshenda Thomas-Tillman of Thomasville.