Students recognized at BHS Honors Night

Published 6:32 pm Thursday, May 19, 2011

Awards, honors and scholarships were given to high achieving Bainbridge High School seniors in the Class of 2011 in Honors Night ceremonies at new high school’s gymnasium on Monday, May 16.

Students in all grades got departmental recognitions and extra-curricular awards during the morning program.

A new choral scholarship named in honor of Jessica and Jocelyn Alexander, sisters and BHS graduates who died in a horrific accident on April 6, was given to their friend, Rachel Harrell, who survived the accident that claimed a total of five lives. Harrell was awarded the BHS Choral Arts Memorial scholarship as the mother and step-father of Jessica and Jocelyn, Shelia and Leonard Sheppard, looked on.

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The following is a list of awards, recognitions and scholarships presented at the Bainbridge High School Honors Night ceremony on Monday, May 16.

Superintendent’s Award

David Golladay, Tanner Harrell, Whitney Poppell, William Slaughter, Elizabeth Unfricht

Principal’s Award

Ronald Black, Marilyn Clark, Stephen Dunn Jr., David Golladay, David Hernandez, Ashley Johns, Alex Long, Capria Miller, Hannah Minks, Raven Parris, Sam Slaughter

Top 5 Seniors

Sam Slaughter, Elizabeth Thomas, Whitney Poppell, David Golladay, Ashley Johns


Star Student, David Golladay; Star Teacher, Margaret Nour; DAR Good Citizen, Tyrone Jacobs Jr.; American Legion Good Citizen, Scott Overman; Army Reserve Scholar Athletes, Ivy Heard and Xavier Bell; Marine Corps Distinguished Athletes, Anna Jordan and Steven Crowell; Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award, Hillary Barfield; Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence, Aleshia Samuel; Wendy’s High School Heisman, Anna Jordan and Derrick Stubbs Jr.

Athletic Scholarships

Keenan Adams, Colorado State University; Martin Anderson, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College; Devon Baulkman, Gulf Coast Community College; Jamario Brown, Albany State University; Hal Clement, Middle Georgia College; Rohan Gaines, University of Arkansas; Bria Harris, Albany State University; Drew Kelley, Valdosta State University; Shawn Samuel, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Other Academic Scholarships (with sponsor)

Agrium, Sam Slaughter; Alpha Delta Kappa/Tommie Cook, Holly Barber; Alpha Kappa Alpha, Rachel Cason and Courtney Washington; Bainbridge Georgia Migrant, Bryan Ordonez

AP Bearcats of Distinction

Adam Anderson, Savannah Barber, Marilyn Clark, Morgan Cook, Cole Farrington, David Golladay, David Hernandez, Ashley Johns, Amber Johnson, Whitney Johnson, Anna Jordan, Timothy McConnell, Capria Miller, Whitney Poppell, William Slaughter, Elizabeth Thomas, Jennifer Voyles

Academic Lettermen

Kay Bush, Marilyn Clark, Ivy Heard, Jasmine Horne, Dexter Lagace, Alex Long, Bailey Manley, Caroline New, Eli Poche’, Anne Reynolds, Asilynne Strickland, Jacob Thorn, Tanisha Warren, Amanda Wooten, Garrett Wooten

Bainbridge College ACCEL recipients

Keenan Adams, Hillary Barfield, Kristen Bennett, Sarah Bush, Abby Davidson, Stephen Dunn Jr., Ashley Ellison, Emerald Folsom, Tanner Harrell, Ivy Heard, Aerin Kirkland, Kristen Monson, Suraj Patel, Macy Phillips, Whitney Poppell, Lucy Reynolds, Edward Sapp, Joshua Smith, Elizabeth Thomas, Elizabeth Unfricht

Bainbridge College scholarships

Chelsea Kornse, Whitney Poppell, William Slaughter, Elizabeth Thomas

Memorial Scholarships

Ron Hinson, Savannah Barber; Rose McIver, Marilyn Clark; Terry Allen, Brittany Givens; Dixie Purcell, Whitney Johnson; Jerry Temples, Rachel McLendon; BHS Memorial, Sutton Reece; Fannie Handsford, Raven Parris; Amanda Ragan, Jennifer Voyles; BHS Choral Arts Memorial, Rachel Harrell; Dylan Reid Faircloth, Anna Jordan; Fallen Officers of the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office/SADD, Bryan Ordonez; Deltrice Riles, Bria Harris, Drew Kelley and Shawn Samuels; John G. Hinson, Nic Jeter; Kiwanis/Jack Kendrick, Ivy Heard; Rotary/Alfred Rogers, Elizabeth Thomas; Raymond Miles, Whitney Poppell; Ted Harrell, Allison Kelley; James Hodges, Scott Overman; Mary Ellen Kerrick, Aleshia Samuel; James E. Love Jr., Rohan Gaines; Lynwood Mock, Lindsay Unfricht;

Community Scholarships

Bikefest, Malori Maxwell; Ab Carswell, Alex Long; Committment to Agriculture, Malori Maxwell; Spencer Davis/Sam Williams, Tim Smith Jr.; Decatur County Association of Educators, Capria Miller; Eliot Battle/Herff Jones, Hillary Barfield; FAMU Distinguished Scholar, Capria Miller; Farm Credit, Chelsea Kornse; FFA/Riverbend Ford, Chelsea Kornse; FSU Foundation Scholarship, Tanner Harrell; Alfred J. Gant, Tyrone Jacobs Jr.; Golden Hi-Lite, Kiana Ferguson, Traci Mackey and Elizabeth Unfricht; NAACP, Staci Mackey and Jamar Venisee-Cosby; Rotary/Mayo Livingston, Chelsea Wooden; Orion Masonic Lodge No. 8, Sallie King; Decatur County Retired Teachers, Xavier Bell

Other scholarships

National Honor Society, Amber Johnson; Savannah State University Alumni, Steve Crowell; STAR Student Scholarship, David Golladay; Troy University, Derrick Stubbs Jr.;

Military scholarships/recognitions

Future Marine Recognition, Avery Howard, Titus Madge Jr. and Thomas Timmons; Marion Military Institute, Stephen Dunn Jr.; United States Military Academy, Adam Anderson; Montgomery GI Bill, Rayshon Louden; Jean Weil Junior ROTC Cadet Scholarship, Stephen Dunn Jr.