BC honor societies induct members

Published 7:04 pm Friday, April 1, 2011

HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS, from the left, are Tammy Hill, Stamey Myrick, Maleigh Williams, Jana Simmons, John D. Burch, Summer Day, Philip Lehman, Jessica Bostick, Leon Perkins (standing at back), Morgan Jackson, Amanda Locke, Emily Hiers and Jason Sellares (standing at back).

HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS, from the left, front, are Shateera Green, Kristan Whatley, Meghan Vickers, Sarah Wells, and Terry Williams. Behind them are Amy Cannon, Keith Sellars, Brittany Odom, Audra Nelson, Taylor Kirkpatrick, Charles Dragovich, Tevin Akins and Kimberly Barber.

Three honor societies at Bainbridge College inducted their respective members in a collaborative ceremony in the Charles H. Kirbo Regional Center on the main campus.

In addition to inducting new members, Mu Alpha Theta (MATH), national high school and two-year college mathematics honor society, Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), international honor society for students in two-year colleges, and Sigma Kappa Delta, English honor society, recognized members who are to graduate in May and their respective chapter’s officers.

MATH inducted Tevin Akins, John D. Burch, Taylor Kirkpatrick, Audra Nelson, Meghan J. Vickers and Sarah Wells, all of Bainbridge; Philip W. Lehman of Cairo; Amanda J. Locke of Chattahoochee, Fla.; Kimberly Barber of Climax; Charles Dragovich of Colquitt; Amy B. Cannon of Donalsonville, and Leon Perkins of Miller County.

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Inducted in absentia at the March 20 ceremony were Wesley Kyle Kelley, Jason R. Scott, Charles Andrew, Tanner Walker and Ashley Wimberly of Bainbridge; Kollin Reese Pyle and James Isaac G. Rogers of Blakely; Matthew A. Powell of Cairo; Ashley Lereé Bailey of Climax; Randy Williams of Colquitt; Bradley Travis Brooks and Jessica Reese of Donalsonville; Gabrielle A. Hicks of Iron City; Lindsay Buckhalter of Jakin; James Christopher Harrell and Joey Maxwell of Whigham.

PTK inducted Jessica Bostick, John D. Burch, Summer Day, Shateera Green, Emily Grace Hiers, Tammy Hill, Audra Nelson, Meghan Vickers, Sarah Wells and Maleigh Williams of Bainbridge; Kristan Whatley of Blakely; Jana Simmons of Cairo; Amanda J. Locke of Chattahoochee, Fla.; Morgan Jackson of Colquitt; Brittany Odom of Donalsonville and Leon Perkins of Miller County.

Inducted in absentia were Kathryn Clinton and Emily Ray of Bainbridge; Carlos Ford of Blakely; Marsha Miller of Brinson; Ashley Nix and Matthew Powell of Cairo; Randy Williams of Colquitt; Bradley Brooks, Jenny Maldonado, Tammie Moore and Mercedes Williams of Donalsonville; Andrew Clarke of Jakin and Marianne Stringer of Whigham.

New SKD members include John D. Burch, Summer Day, Shateera Green, Emily Grace Hiers, Jason Sellars, Keith Sellars, Meghan Vickers and Terry L. Williams of Bainbridge; Kristan Whatley of Blakely; Morgan Jackson of Colquitt; Amanda J. Locke of Chattahoochee, Fla., and Jana Simmons of Cairo.

Inducted in absentia were Joseph D. Cook, Taylor M. McDonald, Ceciley M. Pope and Grady P. Young of Bainbridge; Tom K. Legette and Eric R. Smith of Cairo, and Hannah E. Owens of Pelham.

Members of the honor societies who are to graduate in May received the honors cords of each of their respective chapters to wear at commencement. They include Tevin Akins, Jessica Bostick, John D. Burch, Summer Day, Charles Dragovich, Emily Hiers, Shaquera Moore, Stamey Myrick, Leon Perkins, Jason Sellars and Jana Simmons.

In addition to assisting in presenting their members and distributing honors cords and membership certificates, faculty advisers of the three honor societies recognized officers of their respective chapters.

MATH officers are President Jason Sellars and Secretary Jeremy Ramer of Bainbridge, Vice President Stamey Myrick of Colquitt, and Treasurer Jenny Maldonado of Donalsonville. Advisers are Mary Glenn Grimes, Wanda Coston and Wesley Whitehead.

The honor society exists to enhance scholarship and interest, enjoyment and understanding of mathematics. Founded in 1957 in Oklahoma, MATH granted the charter for the Bainbridge College chapter in 2009.

Serving as officers of PTK are President Shaquera Moore and Secretary Amy Cannon of Donalsonville, Vice President Jessica Bostick and Treasurer Charity Trawick of Bainbridge. Advisers are Patrick Smith and Michael Stewart.

Founded in 1918 in Missouri, PTK has the two-fold mission to recognize and encourage academic achievement of two-year college students and to provide opportunities for individual growth and development through participation in honors, leadership, service and fellowship programs.

Jenny Maldonado serves as SKD president, and Terry Williams serves as vice president. Advisers are Dr. Betty LaFace and Dr. Marina von Hirsch.

Founded in 1996, SKD chartered the Bainbridge College chapter in 1997, the first in Georgia. The honor society strives to encourage high achievement in English language and literature in two-year colleges, foster the discipline of English in the community, and exhibit academic excellence.

Inductees received sprigs of ivy and SKD pins that represent the society’s colors of green and gold. The certificates they received give students rights of membership, privileges to attend local and national activities, and responsibilities, including the active participation in the chapter so that membership is more than merely accepting the honor.

Faculty advisers who were presenters during the event were Ms. Coston, who opened the program and welcomed the audience of almost 100 students, faculty, family and friends; Dr. von Hirsch, who introduced Bainbridge College President Richard Carvajal as the featured speaker; Ms. Coston, Ms. Grimes, Dr. Stewart, and Dr. LaFace, who also presented a gift to President Carvajal at the close of the ceremony.

In his brief remarks Carvajal discussed the characteristics of a scholar, which include expectations of knowledge, wisdom and service. He encouraged the honorees to make their achievement of honor society membership more than an entry on their resumes and to contribute their intellectual and academic gifts in community service, in outreach to individuals and communities. Thus they will make a difference in the life of one and the lives of many.