Signs of spring in Climax

Published 11:46 am Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It’s a beautiful time of the year to live in a small town like Climax. All the trees are beginning to dress for Easter, and the dogwoods are blooming out.

God is painting a wonderful picture in his creation.

Bees are taking advantage of all the good food available in the early blossoms, and we have seen a few early butterflies. Oh yes, we have heard and seen the Martin birds too, and a hummingbird or two.

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Someone told me the other day they had seen the Canada geese on their way home. We all know that means cold weather is gone.

Of all the different signs, the white of the spirea and the purple of the wisteria are two of the most beautiful to me. If left on their own and not pruned, the two will go wild as has happened with the wisteria on Harrell’s Mill Pond Creek. In the warm spring weather one can sit on the bank, fish and smell the sweet aroma and watch nature as all become busy preparing for a newness of life.

The heavy laden spireas look like a blanket of snow as they border several yards in the community. They sway and weep in the warm spring breezes. One can almost forgive the heavy blanket of yellow pollen that covers porches, cars and everything exposed, for a glimpse of the beauty around us. When the pollen isn’t too heavy one can become lost in the changing of the season.

Day-dreaming as spring fever takes hold, and we move a little slower than we did yesterday, taking time to smell the roses, and appreciate what God has so graciously placed on this earth for us.

Why do we become so tangled in our daily lives we forget to look about us each day to see what He has created? Well today I looked, I sneezed, and I thanked Him for allowing me to live and see the signs of spring in Climax, including the pollen, for one more year for just a little while.

WISTERIA GROWING ON THE BANKS of Harrell Mill Pond near Climax.