Sparing no joy, Olympians take to bowling

Published 7:01 pm Tuesday, August 31, 2010

There might not have been a lot of strikes Saturday at the Langston-Gray YMCA Bowling Center, but no joy and good times were spared.

Approximately 26 adults with developmental disabilities participated in the Special Olympics bowling event.

“I was real pleased,” said Pat Harrell, a volunteer for the Special Olympics board. Saturday’s event was the first time the event was open to every adult. It was the second event under the umbrella of the Special Olympics, the first being the track and field event at new Bainbridge High School track.

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It was also the first time for almost all the participants to have bowled.

“They are loving it,” Harrell said.

Some of the participates tossed the bowling ball like a professional—fast and hard—earning them a couple of strikes and spares.

Some simply would drop the ball several feet from behind the beginning of the lane.

And some would lay the bowling ball down and watch as it ever-so slowly rolled down and perhaps knocked a couple of pins down.

But no matter the style of the bowling, each participate received a ribbon, which some wore as medals.

Jonathan Parks, a participate who won a blue ribbon in his age group, said it was his first time bowling.

“It’s good too,” he said.