Ducks dropped, Hill wins

Published 7:16 am Monday, May 10, 2010

Sue Hill won the $5,000 prize for having the rubber duck that crossed the finish line first Saturday during the Chamber of Commerce’s Rubber Ducky Dash for Cash.

And it was a dash, as the Flint River’s waters were swift from recent heavy rains.

The ducks were in tarp tied together and then hoisted over the river by the City of Bainbridge’s ladder fire truck.

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As Mayor Edward Reynolds and a city firefighter released the ducks, the tarp came with them, and only a few ducks were freed from the tarp and actually racing to the finish line.

But in the end, no one bought the potential $1 million ticket.

Also, Ryan Phillips and Randy Soden eventually released the majority of the ducks from the tarp’s hold.

Other prize winners were Amy Wadell, winning a one-year membership to Curves; Southern Triad, winning a 16-by-20 portrait by Susan Barnard; Brianna Pritchett winning Atlanta Braves tickets; Tiffany Jones, winning Costa-Del-Mar sunglasses; Hattie King winning a $100 gift certificate from Serenity Med Spa; Birda Griffin winning a $100 gift certificate from Home Depot’s garden center; Don Griffin winning dinner for four from Elizabeth’s; Leaha Shadris winning two car washes from Tommy T’s, and Joseph Jones winning a $25 gift certificate from Flowers by Cooper.