Baby mama drama

Published 2:48 pm Friday, February 19, 2010

As a student at Bainbridge High School, I recently heard a statistic that, surprisingly, was not a surprise.

Of the 14 surrounding counties in the Southwest Georgia Health District, Decatur County is ranked second highest after Doughterty County in teen pregnancy, ages 15-17, according to the Decatur County Family Connection, Inc.

At school, seeing pregnant students has become almost habitual.

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Habitual havoc.

Pregnancy usually lasts about nine months, correct?

A school year lasts from August until May, which is a period of 10 months.

I have seen it done, but it seems like pregnancy and academic performance would be extremely difficult to manage at the same time.

Teen pregnancies are considered to reflect concerns of society such as lower socioeconomic status, alcohol and drug abuse, poor academic progress, low self-esteem, and sexual abuse.

Teen parents are more likely than adult parents to experience life-long societal hardship and economic disadvantage.

Family Connection also reports that not only is Decatur County ranked second in teen pregnancy, but also second in reoccurring teen pregnancy.

That’s double the trouble!

Don’t get me wrong; there are all kinds of other troubling situations the school system is currently facing, but teen pregnancy seems to be the most prevalent.

In addition to teen pregnancy, Bainbridge High School is also battling drug and substance abuse, high drop out rates, crime, gang affiliation and many other problems.

Students should be able to go to school, apply themselves, and get a decent education in return.

Sadly, there are many visible distractions hindering the drive to learn.

There has to be a solution to this problem.

Decatur County should not be ranked second highest in teen pregnancy. But we are.

Parental involvement with children is crucial.

Talk to your kids about the importance of abstinence.

If the parents don’t, who will?