Burke has an Rx for financial health

Published 8:09 pm Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dean Burke, M.D., has a prescription for nurses—and others—to improve their financial health.

“The Millionaire Nurse” is a book written by Burke that the book’s front jacket says is “a proven financial first-aid kit for building wealth and achieving freedom.”

Equating scenarios and using the language of health care in some instances, the Bainbridge gynecologist said over the past two to three years he’s been jotting down notes and decided to put his business advice into a book.

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On Tuesday, Feb. 23, Burke will present a lecture to Bainbridge College nursing students beginning at 4 p.m. at the Charles H. Kirbo Center, with a public reception to follow at 5 p.m.

Burke, who also is a Bainbridge city councilman, attributes some of his business savvy to some of his family connections—he comes from a family of businessmen. His brother, Bill Burke, and his son, Will, are both certified public accountants. His sister, Karen Hill, was the director of Technical Studies at Bainbridge College for many years.

Burke said he likes to treat the nurses that work with them as team members, and not talk down to them; an approach he’s taken with the book.

So far, he said the nurses who have read the book has gotten a lot out of it.

“It’s just common sense ways of managing your money and home,” Burke said.

Burke is married to Thea, who works in public health, and along with Will, they have a daughter, Annalee.