Thanks for finishing the fight

It has been said that the Decatur County community cannot be challenged when it comes to generosity and support for charitable causes. Relay for Life ... Read more

We’re moving in the right direction

Progress is being made. The Mayor of Bainbridge, Edward Reynolds, has extended an invitation to the Decatur County Board of Commissioners to meet together for ... Read more

The saying ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’ is true

I was afraid of the shenanigans that were played out in Nevada a few weeks ago and was glad when everything calmed down a little. ... Read more

There’s a new guy in town, so give him a welcome

There are several legal ways for a city government to operate. Read more

Why has it come to this point?

What a sad, sad week for our community. Just when you might think the behavior of the people chosen to lead our city and county ... Read more