A-1 celebrates expansion of employee ownership at special events

Published 4:12 pm Tuesday, May 7, 2024

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FORT PIERCE, FLA. – A-1 Global Holdings, Inc., a leading manufacturer of pre-engineered building components, is proud to announce significant milestones in its Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) during celebratory events held on April 25th and 26th at its Bainbridge and Fort Pierce locations, respectively. The events marked a key moment in A-1’s history, celebrating the addition of 235 employees to the Company’s ESOP. This expansion underscores A-1’s commitment to fostering an ownership culture where every employee has a stake in the Company’s success.

“A-1 is not just a workplace but a place where careers flourish and personal investments grow,” said John Herring, CEO and Chairman of A-1 Global Holdings. “These events not only celebrate our current success and growth but also reinforce our belief in sharing this success directly with our employees.” The ESOP is a powerful tool designed to empower A-1’s employees, providing them with a significant financial stake in the Company without any cost to them. This initiative aligns with A-1’s core values of Own it, Passionate, Honesty, and Respect, turning every team member into a co-owner deeply invested in the future.

Jan S. Beck, President of A-1 Global Holdings, highlighted the impact of the ESOP on company culture: “Our employees are the heart of A-1, and by extending ownership to more of our team, we enhance our capacity to work together toward shared goals. Our ESOP is more than a program. It’s a cornerstone of our strategy for future growth and a testament to our commitment to our team.” As A-1 continues to grow, the Company remains dedicated to ensuring that all employees contribute to and benefit from the success they help to create.

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About A-1 Global Holdings

Founded in 1977, A–1 has over 465 employees and is a leading manufacturer of pre–engineered wood trusses and EZWALL® Innovative Framing SolutionTM. The Company reorganized in December 2022 as A-1 Global Holdings, Inc., the new parent company for A-1 Industries of Florida, Inc., and A-1 Industries of Georgia, LLC. A-1 currently has manufacturing facilities in Fort Pierce, Fla., and Bainbridge, Ga., and multiple employment opportunities in both locations for candidates who share the Company’s Core Values – Own it, Passionate, Honesty, and Respect. A-1’s employees are eligible to participate in the Company’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan.