If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Pot Roast

Published 12:00 pm Saturday, March 9, 2024

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As I write this, all the talk is about Super Tuesday. That’s because there are fifteen states holding their Presidential Primaries and it’s the day that separates the “wanna-bes” from the “gonna-bes.” Of course, Georgia is not one of those fifteen states. Our Presidential Primary will be next Tuesday, March 12.

            In 1969 there was a movie by the name of If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium. The plot is about a whirlwind European tour of seeing nine countries in eighteen days. It is described as a romantic comedy and has cameo appearances by many Hollywood stars. I didn’t see it, but the title interested me. I suppose that it would be easy to lose your concentration by going to so many countries, thus the humorous title.

            As you know, I had shoulder surgery over a month ago and it’s been no picnic not being able to drive and go to the grocery store whenever I want. But as the English poet, John Milton, wrote in 1638, there is a “silver lining in every cloud.”

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            The silver lining for me has been all the delicious dishes my friends and family have brought by to keep me from starving. Believe me, I have not starved because it seems that every day someone has brought by something to eat. Hence the name of this column, “If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Pot Roast!”

            Let’s see. It all began when I finally returned home after rehabbing down in Panama City Beach. A friend figured I needed not one, but two, Chic-Fil-A sandwiches. He said, “Have one tonight and the other for lunch tomorrow.” I followed his orders perfectly.

            I’m blessed to have family in town, an aunt and cousins. Not only are they willing and able to serve as chauffeurs, they’re mighty fine cooks! And, they are kind enough to ask what I like. I’m not a particular eater and, as you might hear, “I’ll eat anything that doesn’t eat me first!”

            I’ve had two versions of homemade chicken pot pie and a delicious egg, cheese, and sausage casserole. I was invited to have lunch with my aunt and had to “suffer” through country fried steak, gravy and rice, plus homemade biscuits. And, of course, sweet tea.

            One friend, after Wednesday night Bible Study, asked what I was doing the next day. “Do you like sucker-sides?” I couldn’t lie and admitted I had never eaten sucker-sides. When I was a boy fishing and caught a sucker, I’d throw it away. It had too many bones in it.

            These boys knew how to “gash” the suckers. That’s using a sharp knife to cut through the bones where the fish is edible. I told him I’d be glad to try them and they were fried deliciously. In addition to the fish, there were French fries, hushpuppies, and coleslaw. And, of course, sweet tea. The fish fry made me want to take off my sling and use both hands.

            One more thing. I wasn’t so bashful as to use the Biblical verse, “Ask and ye shall receive.” After the service, I motioned for one of my friends to come over and whispered in her ear, “Make me some pimento cheese.” She did, but also got her best friend to make a pot of chili for me. Chili and pimento cheese sandwiches make for a great lunch, dinner, even breakfast.

            People have been so nice to the preacher. What could have been a dark cloud of recovery has turned out to include great silver linings. Now, if this is Super Tuesday, it’s not because of voting somewhere, it’s because, “If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Pot Roast!”