Crosby Steen announces candidacy for House District 171

Published 11:14 am Wednesday, February 14, 2024

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To my fellow residents of Decatur, Mitchell, Grady Counties in District 171

Recent events have brought to light the consequences of the arrogance displayed by our local officials. The Monkey Farm fiasco served as a catalyst, shedding light on multiple issues such as ethical, economic ,and the health concerns of our citizens, but also a more profound and concerning issue: A lack of regard for our community’s voice. Regardless of one’s stance on the monkey facility the most concerning is the government’s lack of transparency and the secrecy surrounding the deal’s negotiation. This lack of transparency erodes trust in the government and undermines the social contract in our community, now it’s time to fix it, now is your time to be heard.

Today, I am excited to announce my intent to file for the Republican nomination in House District 171, challenging Joe Campbell in the upcoming May 21st primary. This seat provides our district with a direct avenue to influence decisions at the State Capitol.
It’s disheartening to witness the lack of action from Joe Campbell, particularly in the face of a multibillion-dollar monkey breeding operation entering our district. The question arises: did he know about the operation, or, even worse, was he completely unaware? Perhaps we have our own version of ‘Sleepy Joe,’ not due to inactivity but rather a deliberate attempt to feign ignorance.  The initial step in addressing his lack of action is to vote for change on May 21st, removing him from office. It is crucial to send a clear message to any politician contemplating overstepping the will of the people in this district.

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Once victorious, our focus must shift to holding accountable the city and county officials responsible. These individuals seem to believe they can dictate the course of the city with unelected bureaucrats without heeding the will of the people. I am committed to persistently pressing them in the years to come, advocating for transparency, accountability, and a government that truly serves the community. The people will be heard.

Beyond these immediate concerns, my top three priorities for future include agriculture, healthcare, and senior care. Farmers are acutely aware of the shifting landscape of geopolitics and demographics, which directly impact shipping, logistics, and workforce.

Similarly, as a senior citizen, concerns about the future are heightened, particularly regarding who will provide care and support in later years. With a dwindling younger population available to take on caregiving roles, the issue of senior care becomes increasingly pressing. These are serious issues that need pragmatic competent people.

To echo the sentiments of a local resident at a county commission meeting, “Do the right thing.” That’s the essence of my commitment to you. I am seeking your vote and the opportunity  to “Do the right thing”.  FYI: We are an open primary and all can vote on May21st. Send a message!

Crosby Steen
Candidate for Georgia State Representative District 171