A joint statement from the City of Bainbridge, the Bainbridge- Decatur County Industrial Development Authority and the Decatur County Board of Education regarding Safer Human Medicine.

Published 2:28 pm Wednesday, February 14, 2024

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The following is a joint statement of the Decatur County-Bainbridge Industrial Development Authority, the City of Bainbridge, and the Decatur County Board of Education

Yesterday, the Decatur County Board of Commissioners followed the lead of the Development Authority and voted to disavow the Safer Human Medicine project and to reject all tax abatements. We applaud the county for taking these steps. Economic Development takes teamwork, and our team has worked hard and had many recent successes. After hearing from you, we realize that the economic benefits of this project are not worth the divisiveness the project has caused within our community. Make no mistake, we have all heard your questions and concerns and we stand unified in seeking to have this company locate elsewhere. We have communicated this desire to the company and its executives. We stand with our partners in opposition to this project and pray for a favorable outcome for our community.

We do not believe that further action by our boards is needed. We have expressed our position unequivocally, and because this project has moved into a litigation phase, we will refrain from further comment.
Joint Statement- City, BOE, IDA regarding SHM

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