Residents organize against primate facility at jazz festival

Published 3:15 pm Wednesday, February 7, 2024

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In the wake of the announcement of Safer Human Medicine’s primate facility, local citizens have taken to organizing against it in a Facebook group, No Monkey Breeding Bainbridge, Ga. There has also been a website set up, During the Bainbridge Jazz and Blues Festival on Saturday, members of the group set up a table on the square, handing out flyers, leaflets and posters arguing against the proposed facility and its potential impact on the community.

According to Kristina Martin, one of the community organizers, the table was “solely organized by concerned Decatur County residents.”

“PETA was not involved in organizing at all,” she said. “This has been a huge county-wide effort to protect our town.”

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Martin said the public reception to the group’s presence was “very positive”.

“People are constantly thanking us for our hard work and efforts to protect this town and our beautiful river,” she said. “Those who were previously unaware of the plans for the facility were horrified to learn that this could be coming to Bainbridge and asked how they could join in our efforts.”

Martin added that local businesses asked for signs and posters the group were handing out as well.

“People want to have more say over what is coming to their community and don’t understand how such a poor decision could have been made,” Martin said, “a decision that could ruin our town!”

Martin said the team responsible was “amazing”, concluding by saying, “We won’t stop the fight! We only get stronger and larger!”