Kelsey Harrell speaks about KGD Produce to Rotary Club

Published 4:47 pm Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Members of the Bainbridge Rotary Club assembled at the Kirbo Center Tuesday for weekly meeting. The guest speaker of the day was Kelsey Harrell, co-owner of KGD Produce, who addressed the club about the business, which began as a produce stand Harrell opened up during summer in college.

This would eventually evolve into the current store, which Harrell owns and operates with business partner Delaney Mueller. The duo rented their current building for a year, before purchasing it in May of 2022.

The KGD mission statement, according to Harrell, is “To provide local and convenient food products to the community, with a focus on Georgia-grown products.”

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Harrell went on to say she took inspiration from David Green, founder of Hobby Lobby, and his business philosophy: “Number one, God-centered practices; people-focused practices; and common-sense practices.”

“Our vision is to provide the best-tasting products that keep customers coming back for more, and not just in one area,” she said. KGD not only offers produce, but meats, breads, cheeses, and various specialty, Georgia-grown food products like spices and condiments. The demand for these products, she elaborated, has left room for expansion.

“The demand for specialty-grown products and how much we have started to sell,” Harrell said, “has kind of allowed us to think about ‘Do we start bringing in products from bordering states?’”

Not only has the business grown from produce to specialty products, but KGD now also offers gift baskets.

“I would have never thought, ever, that I would be making gift baskets and presents,” Harrell laughed. While these were initially just custom baskets, KGD now offers various pre-made baskets, and even offers corporate baskets for companies.

Harrell hopes to expand the store’s specialty food options, “so essentially it’s like a mini-version of a Whole Foods, or a mini-version of a Trader Joes.” Another goal she has for KGD is to partner more with restaurants. She also hopes to connect more with local businesses, not just with seasonal gifts.

Following her presentation, Harrell took questions from the audience.