Starting All Over Again

Published 10:45 am Sunday, January 7, 2024

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When considering the first day of a new year, I like country singer and great guitarist, Brad Paisley’s quote. It was written about New Year’s Eve and he said, “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one!”

            Ominous is not the best word to use when describing your first day of a new year, but it might be appropriate for the way my first day of 2024 began. I awakened to a wet bathroom floor. Not a good beginning!

            I cleaned up the puddle of water and found that underneath the bathroom vanity the cold water supply line was leaking and pretty badly. I figured I would just turn the valve off for that line and call a plumber the next day. Getting a plumber on New Year’s Day would be tough.

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            The only problem was that the valve and line were so old, rust prevented me from turning off the valve. My next solution would be to put a bucket underneath the leak and wait until the next day to call a plumber. However, the leak was bad enough that the bucket was filling up too fast. I would have to call a plumbing business on this holiday. Oh my!

            Fortunately, as I “googled” the Bainbridge plumbing businesses, I found one that advertised 24-hour service any day. I called and, surprisingly, someone answered and said they could send someone out. But, since it was a holiday, the service call would be higher than a regular day. I understood and asked what the service call would be? She told me and, after swallowing hard, but realizing that I had no choice, I thought of a joke I had recently heard.

            A heart surgeon was giving a party for his colleagues and a plumbing problem occurred. He called a plumber and the plumber came out and it took only a few minutes to solve the problem. Then the plumber presented the surgeon with a $500 bill.

            The heart surgeon was surprised and said to the plumber, “I don’t get paid this much when I perform heart surgery.”

            The plumber replied, “Neither did I when I was a heart surgeon!”

            I will file my first day of the new year under the heading, “All’s well that ends well.” The plumber was very nice and knowledgeable and my problem was fixed within a few hours. And, although I wasn’t presented with a $500 bill, it was pretty close. Money well spent.

            As I wrote the check, I even remembered to date it 2024. In the old days, when we used checks, it took about a month to write the correct year.

            I wish I could say that a small plumbing problem would be my greatest challenge for 2024, but I don’t think that is the case. I’m no Nostradamus, but I know of at least one more situation that is going to be challenging.

            I mentioned a few weeks ago about my wrestling match with a dog and how I lost; falling on my shoulder. The doc says that it resulted in a significant tear in my right shoulder’s rotator cuff. He said I would need surgery and, besides, he had just bought his wife a new Mercedes and needed the work. I’m kidding!

            There have been many who have had the same kind of surgery and I have yet to hear anyone say that it was “easy-peasy.” Since I like using both of my arms, it’s sort of like a leaky supply line underneath a bathroom vanity. It’s got to be fixed.

            Looks like this year is going to be a doozy, if you know what I mean! Still, I wish you a Happy New Year.