Cougars crush Colquitt Christian in 60+ point win

Published 3:16 pm Monday, December 4, 2023

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The Grace Christian Academy Cougars (2-2) crushed the Colquitt Christian Academy Cavaliers (3-3) 72-8. The Cavaliers scored their first point with just a minute remaining in the first half, making the score 46-2.
The win comes after a 39-point loss to Miller County in the opening game of the season. Cougars head coach Travis Harrison said the team had been struggling with sickness going into the season opener and that it wasn’t the brand of basketball they wanted to play.
“They all understood why we underperformed the last game,” Harrison said. “I don’t think anyone was being hard on themselves, but that being said, they all wanted a rebound game.”
A significant factor in the Cougars holding the Cavaliers to single-digit points was the team’s 23 steals. Senior guard Ben Faircloth led the Cougars with five.
“It’s easy to keep the other team from scoring if you’re getting those takeaways up at the top of the key and not letting it go down,” Harrison said.
Another key to the Cougars’ 19-minute shutout was their ability to force the Cavaliers to shoot contested shots.
“I feel like I’ve got a very aggressive defensive team,” Harrison said. “I’ve got a couple of guys— Luke, Keith and Cade, specifically, that can really challenge shots. And even if they don’t get blocks that make it onto the stat sheet… they definitely get their big hands in the way and make you shoot a shot you didn’t want to shoot. They did that a lot tonight.”
On the offensive side of the ball, the team shot 65% from the field. Junior forward Cade Wells led the team with 16 points and an 89% shooting percentage. The 11-player team put up 51 shots, and over half of the players attempted five or more.
“The thing we’ve absolutely got to keep doing is being unselfish with the ball,” Harrison said. “We gave up the ball to the next man who always had a better look, and that’s part of the reason why I think the percentage was so high on shooting… It’s very easy to have a good shooting percentage when you’re playing unselfishly and giving it to the best man in the best position at the best time.”
Harrison said he wants to see the team’s unselfish playstyle throughout the season.
“If they can trust each other and give up the ball unselfishly, it works for all of us,” Harrison said.
The Cougars travel to Citizens Christian Academy next. The away matchup against the Patriots tips off at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 9.

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