Blue Hazel officially opens doors on new Bainbridge location

Published 5:07 pm Tuesday, November 21, 2023

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Blue Hazel’s opening week in Bainbridge has opened many doors for owner Paige Davis, both clearing her shelves and providing new opportunities.

“The things that I had in Blakely that sat on the shelf a little bit longer are just flying out the door here,” Davis said. “That was really the whole purpose of coming to Bainbridge. It was to be able to sell more of my furniture pieces and bigger items.”

Although Davis originally did not intend to bring her smaller gift items to the Bainbridge location, the success of Blue Hazel’s opening has left lots of room for new inventory.

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“I did bring in a few gifty things just for the holiday season,” she said. “I’ve been trying to hurry and get more stuff in to fill in until the rest of my stuff gets here. A lot of things are on backorder now, so it’s just a waiting game as to when it will become available.”

She noted that her establishment in Bainbridge has been a different experience from Blakely’s because of the town’s involvement in the downtown area.

“There’s a lot more stuff going on,” she stated. “A lot more foot traffic, a lot more incentives to come downtown and shop. That’s been the big difference between Blakely and Bainbridge. We just have our set, annual things that we do each year in Blakely, and down here, each week has something new. So, it’s been challenging to keep up but it’s been good.”

Davis is eager to get involved with Bainbridge and participate in upcoming events, integrating Blue Hazel into the flow of the town.

“Of course, I’m new to the different events that people hold,” Davis said. “Each event that Downtown Bainbridge hosts, I would love to be a part of. I’d love to jump on board.”

The success of Blue Hazel’s new opening has not been without its challenges, especially with the holidays upon us.

“This season, I have my clients lined up,” she said. In addition to running the shop, she also offers decorating services in the area. “We set up Christmas trees, we do things as small as putting arrangements together, to putting their trees up, to completely putting Christmas in every room. So, right now it’s just been a crazy, crazy busy time, but it’s worth it.”

Blue Hazel’s goal this holiday season is to bring Christmas to homes in the area, whether it be decorating or bringing new pieces to Bainbridge.

“I enjoy people being able to walk into their home and everything set up,” Davis said, “ready for family to spend time together.”

“This is different from what I’m used to,” Davis concluded. “But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. And I’m very happy that this door opened up for me.”