Army Corps of Engineers and Stewards of Lake Seminole manage invasives

Published 8:16 am Friday, November 10, 2023

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As the growing season for invasives begins to slow, the Corps of Engineers and Stewards of Lake Seminole continue their work individually and jointly to better manage Lake Seminole. This week the Corps completes the fourth addition of sterile grass carp. The total stocking is 18,000 fish between 10” and 16” in length with 11,000 released in Cypress Pond and 7,000 released in Ray’s Lake. These stockings were the primary control method in the collaborative action plans implemented earlier this year for these areas. Supplemental sprayings were also conducted by both the Corps and Stewards because of the late deliveries of fish. The Corps will also spray 65 acres in Ray’s Lake this week to help jump start the control process. ALERT- Gill net season opened November 1st and the area above HWY 253 in Lewis Pond and Rays Lake is included in the area. If you are a netter, please release any grass carp which may be taken. Netting regulations have not yet been changed to protect this species. Over $50,000 has been spent for carp to clean up these areas. Grass carp are easily distinguished from suckers by the shape of their mouths which do not point down, but are parallel to their lateral line. Your help is greatly appreciated. Stewards of Lake Seminole recently treated over 40 acres in Fishpond drain targeting pondweed and hydrilla around boat docks. The results are evident as the weeds are starting to die. Fishpond Drain was one of six collaborative action plans by the Corps and Stewards with the objective of keeping the 100 acres open for recreational use this summer. That program was a success. However, invasive growth in the shallow water around boat docks became a problem as the season progressed. Steve Dickman said, ”We learned a lot this year and will provide more repetitive treatments starting in the Spring as more funding becomes available. The support of property owners and community has been an essential part of getting funding from local, state and federal governments. When someone tells me they will treat their own property, I tell them you can’t cook a steak with one charcoal. It takes a pile to build that fire…get on board. We are building that fire for the benefit of all the stakeholders and that steak is being cooked!”

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