Isabella Beam hired as intern at the Post-Searchlight

Published 6:12 pm Tuesday, October 10, 2023

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I’ve tried leaving Bainbridge several times. After graduation, the expectation was that I would leave for college and visit home a grand total of three and a half times before May. The idea of staying here is possibly scarier than the alternative.

My decision to stay in Bainbridge was met with a few confused looks and some obscure college recommendations — mainly in the form of college brochures. These reactions made me question whether or not staying was the correct choice.

Despite this, I chose to stay in town and knew I wanted to become active in Bainbridge and not let my time here go to waste.

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Working with the Post Searchlight has allowed me to look deeper at the community that fostered me and give back to the mentors who established themselves as cornerstones of my life and the town of Bainbridge.

I was homeschooled from elementary to graduation, and groups like the Friendship House have always supported my homeschool community. I got one of my first jobs at the Firehouse Gallery, and getting to see how much they’ve grown encourages me.

I cannot wait to dig my nose deeper into the culture of the people, their histories and ambitions for the town, and finally understand the very modest gossip I tend to miss. Although I enjoy the brochures, the encouragement to leave Bainbridge is not necessary.

I’m excited to serve and give back to my town at the Post Searchlight.