Bearcat football to unveil professional grade scoreboard at season-opener

Published 7:00 am Thursday, August 17, 2023

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Centennial Field is equipped with new technology this season to make Friday night football a better fan experience. 

Bainbridge High School (BHS) installed a new scoreboard that runs the same video software as the screens in Mercedes Benz Stadium and Sanford Stadium, among other collegiate and professional stadiums. 

“I want to say they bought [the previous scoreboard] twelve or fifteen years ago… it was only supposed to last five,” said Chris Bryant, the BHS Athletic Director. “It was time for an upgrade.”

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The new “Daktronics” scoreboard is located on the north side of the football field. The board has a large screen that displays various game graphics and information. It can also play videos, animations, a live feed of the game, and more. Bryant said the athletics program is just scratching the surface of its capabilities.

Jared Lovering, BHS science teacher, and football announcer, said he wants the board to be an opportunity for students to explore their AV interests.

“We want students making the videos,” Lovering said. “We want students running the computer and learning these skills,… They’re going to have skills that are actually marketable to big sports programs in the country.”

Bryant said he wants the board to get more people involved on game days. 

“Part of this whole scoreboard idea and the crowd engagement, getting the students involved,… We want it to be a show,” Bryant said. “We want you to come and have a true fan experience.”

The Athletics program also purchased a “Turf Tank” field painting robot. An app controls the robot. All a coach has to do is feed the robot field painting instructions, and it will paint the field accordingly. It can paint more than just the field. The robot has had a test run of painting a “Bainbridge” decal for the endzones that it completed successfully. 

“Think about a Roomba, but for football,” Lovering said.