Bearcats Position Preview: Cam at QB

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, August 2, 2023

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Cam Sanders will use his athleticism for the Bearcats this season as the starting quarterback. 

Quarterbacks Coach Mike Harville said Sanders still manages to surprise him with his play.

“He’ll throw a pass, and I’m thinking, ‘Don’t do that! Oh, hey, nice play,’” Harville said. “He’s always got some slick tricks up his sleeve.”

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The senior Quarterback is a multi-sport athlete, and Harville said that has benefitted him.

“What Cam’s done through his years playing point guard, he’s used to dishing the ball out,” Harville said.

This season is Sanders’ first year as the true starting quarterback for the Bearcats. He’s always played quarterback growing up and throughout the years, but never as the number one guy for Bainbridge. Last season, Sanders played wide receiver. 

“The unfortunate thing is that he just hasn’t taken a lot of reps,” Harville said. “With Cam, it’s more the discipline and the consistency. That is going to come with more and more experience.”

Harville said despite Sanders’ quantity of reps, he has the confidence to play the position well. Harville will focus his coaching on valuing the football and situational awareness with Sanders this season. He wants Sanders to focus on taking what is given to him by the defense. 

Harville said Sanders’ has made good progress throughout the summer.

“He’s getting to where he knows the game,” Harville said. “He’s getting rid of the ‘I don’t knows’ with every rep he’s taken in practice. He’s a fun guy to coach.”

According to Harville, one thing you don’t want to do this season is leave your seat with Sanders on the field.

“I don’t think you want to get up and go to the concession stand in the middle of the game,” Harville said. “You’re liable to miss something.”