Recreation authority discusses new pickleball courts at meeting

Published 10:27 am Friday, June 16, 2023

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At a board meeting Thursday, The Bainbridge-Decatur County Recreation Association (BDRCA) said they expect their Pickleball court construction to finish in mid-July.


The opening day for the 12 courts is contingent on how long the rainy weather continues. However, the BDRCA is confident that the courts will be functional for the summer. They plan to have half of the courts fitted with a roof and lights by January.

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“When I went out there last, you can tell that they were definitely progressing forward,” said Tabitha Spooner, a BDRCA chairwoman. “Ours are getting there, and they’re almost ready.”


Along with the pickleball courts, BDRCA Executive Director Joel Holmes said the construction of an indoor facility is moving along. The facility is expected to be finished by December and will house a basketball court with six baskets — two full-court and four half-court— as well as a multipurpose room. 


Holmes said he plans to use the facility to run after-school care and summer camps. After-school care is slated for January, and a summer camp is scheduled for next summer. 


“Next summer, we’ll be able, with our new facility, we’ll have all day, every week, summer camp,” Holmes said. “So about nine or ten weeks of summer camp next year with a full building for the kids all day being very active and recreating.”


The start of two adult softball leagues was postponed by weather this week. The leagues — one competitive, one for fun — were supposed to have games this week, but rainy conditions canceled them. The games are being put at the end of the schedule, and the BDRCA will treat the leagues as if they are starting next week. 


Registration for fall sports — soccer, football and cheerleading — will open on July 1st. At the end of July, the BDRCA will hold a sports camp from the 24th-28th. 


During the meeting, Holmes reviewed the district youth baseball tournaments the Rec Authority ran last week. He said they estimated that 1,500 people attended the competition over four days. 


He said he believes the tournament had a positive economic impact on the community and plans to host more regional and state tournaments in the future.