Bearcats Soccer brings hustle and heart into 2023 season

Published 9:50 am Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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The 2023 soccer season is underway as the Bainbridge High School boys and girls soccer teams look to add to the Bearcats trophy case in 2023. Led by head coach Brian Hill, the Bearcats come into the season ready to compete as they host their first home game on Tuesday night against Colquitt County. 

Throughout their practices and training sessions, Coach Hill has brought a mentality of heart and hustle to the 2023 Bearcats squads. With their minds set on a Region Championship, Coach Hill knows the effort, consistency and focus it will require from his teams. 

“Ultimately our goal at the end of the season is to win a Region Championship and then win and advance in the playoffs,” said Hill. “But in order to do that it’s going to take hustle and hard work. There’s a lot of things we have to focus on throughout the season so I just preach to my players the importance of getting better week by week.”

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The Bearcats started off the season strong as they defeated Lowndes 5-2, starting the season 1-0. Although Hill is pleased with the way the season has begun, he knows there is always room for improvement and is excited to get to work on the practice field. 

“It’s always good to win and to start the season off on a winning note,” said Hill. “Our goal is to get better every day and every week. I think defensively there’s some things we will improve on over time but I was happy to pick up a win and am excited for our first home game on Tuesday.”

This season Coach Hill is looking towards his seniors on both boys and girls teams to lead the Bearcats by example. Senior boys Dax Willis, Andrew Brock, Adyn Aleman and Blake Fagan as well as senior girls Kay Lee Lopez, Brennyn Timmons and Destiny Woodard are all looking to contribute in 2023. 

“I really look for our seniors to lead by example on the field and by the way they play,” said Hill. “If they hustle, work hard, play fast and aggressive then I think that’s the best way they can lead. My two rules are to hustle and work hard and our seniors do a great job of that.”

A high school soccer season can be a grind that lasts upwards of three months and demands focus as well as athleticism and consistency. Coach Hill has made sure to emphasize to his team that it’s about getting better each day and each week. Taking it day by day will slow things down and ultimately lead to stellar performances. 

“We’re just focused on putting in the work and getting better day by day and week by week,” said Hill. “At the end of the day, the kids are learning the importance of hard work, carrying a good attitude, working as a team and consistency. These are skills that they will be able to carry into their future outside of soccer.”

The Bearcats will host Colquitt County on Tuesday night in their home opener at Centennial Field, with the girls team starting at 5:00 p.m.