A-1 Industries optimistic about continued job creation in 2023

Published 9:55 am Tuesday, December 27, 2022

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When Bainbridge City Council members toured several locations last week, one of the most exciting things they uncovered was A1 Industries of Georgia’s current hiring need of at least 20 individuals.

A1, a relatively new business in the area, builds roof and floor trusses at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility on Brinson Airbase Rd. Some assume the company is another run-of-the-mill construction business, but you couldn’t be more wrong. According to David Blenker, Vice President of Operations, their company culture and focus on finding the “right kind of employee” is a defining part of who they are as an organization.

Since January 1, 2022, A1 has increased its workforce by more than 65%, and 2023 looks to follow a similar growth trajectory if conditions support it. Blenker says they do on-the-job training specific to their manufacturing processes. Still, there are two important things he looks for during the hiring process, “We’re looking for individuals with any type of construction background, we can train them if they’re a good fit, but most importantly, we’re looking for men, and women with character and a strong work ethic, I can’t teach that.” According to A1’s company website, through an inclusive purpose embraced by company leaders, training, and effective programs available at every level of the organization, A1’s goal is to be considered a Great Place to Work “For All.” In turn, that “For All” culture has helped the company stay competitive, and they hope to continue to help fuel their business success in the future.

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Blenker is particularly proud of A1’s focus on promoting from within. The Bainbridge facility has room to expand, and the company hopes to reach operating capacity with as many as 300-400 on-site employees as they experience continued organic growth. “Now is a great time for someone who wants to build a career with A1 to come on board and grow with us from the ground up,” Blenker said. “There are always opportunities for people that want to take on more responsibility; we’re big on promoting from within; we highly value consistency and attendance because, at the end of the day, you can’t do the job if you’re not here.”

A1 Industries is an American-owned and operated company that has been in business for over 40 years. Blenker doesn’t anticipate that the business will be going anywhere anytime soon and hopes that it will continue to be one of the premiere employers in the county and beyond.

As is often the case, a growing need for strong job applicants has highlighted some challenges that are being noticed across all sectors in the area. Blenker’s observations have been that drug use and substance abuse are increasingly becoming a factor in who gets hired and how successful of an employee they are.

Blenker thinks the solution lies in reaching youth before they enter the workforce through initiatives like BHS’s Workforce Now and Bearcat Workforce. “I wish we could get the message across to people that if they want to build a life for themselves, and create a rewarding career for themselves whether they go to college or not, then avoiding pitfalls like substance use is crucial to lifelong success.”

A1, as with most employers, drug screen during the application process and pride itself on being a drug-free workplace. “We’re operating heavy machinery and equipment, it is vital that our employees are able to do that safely,” he said. A1 hopes to continue to work closely with the construction CTAE programs and instructors as time progresses, “We really want to make a difference to the community,” Blenker said, “We’re a long-term employer looking for long-term employees who want to take the training we give them and be a part of the A1 family.” They hope to create an additional 40 jobs for the community by the end of 2023 and are still actively hiring for their open positions. The easiest way to apply is by visiting their website at www.a1industries.com/careers/. Applicants can also call 229-442-6500 for additional information.