GCA partners with local restaurants for lunch offerings

Published 8:54 am Monday, August 15, 2022

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As the school year comes back into full swing, some parents will be packing their kids lunch each day, while others will settle for whatever the school offers that day. Students at Grace Christian Academy have a third option, or rather an additional four options, this year, as the school has begun offering food from local restaurants through the Campus Cuisine service.

New principal Sean Johnson spoke to the Post-Searchlight about the change to this program. “We found out early this summer that JLo’s Catering, who had been doing it for a while, wasn’t gonna be able to continue, so we started researching options,” he said. “We started researching different things that we could do, everything from somebody local that could provide meals, to delivery services.”

According to Johnson, some of the staff brought up Campus Cuisine, which the school had previously used years ago. “They have this website platform where parents can go in and order, and they partner with local restaurants,” Johnson said. The current restaurant offerings are: Dominos on Monday, Chick-fil-A on Tuesday, Diablo’s on Wednesday, Isaac’s Bakery on Thursday, and Chick-fil-A again on Friday. Parents can order for the whole semester, or for merely one day at a time, but any order must be placed by noon the day before, with the food delivered to the school.

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“It’s worked really well this week, the kids seem to be happy with it, it’s the food they like from different restaurants around town,” Johnson continued. “We’ve had anywhere from 80 to 120 items each day this week, you know just depending on the restaurant and the popularity of it.” He also clarified that the school does not make any money off this, the money goes to Campus Cuisine and the partnered restaurants. Parents also seem to enjoy the program; “They seem to be taking advantage of it, and the ones who are have positive feedback.”