Danceline and Colorguard prepare for new year in tribute to Phil Collins

Published 9:03 am Wednesday, July 27, 2022

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The Bainbridge High School Danceline and Colorguard have been hard at work this past week, learning new routines for their upcoming 2022 halftime performances, which will pay tribute to Phil Collins.

The tribute show features Collins’ famous songs, “Easy Lover,” “In the Air Tonight,” “Invisible Touch” and “Take me Home.”

Both teams had special guests come in to choreograph their routines to the multitude of songs. Danceline had two choreographers come in from Cairo, who not only taught them dances, but also incorporated the use of streamers into the performance, which is something audiences can look forward to.

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“I love this year’s dances,” said Senior co-captain Madelyn Lowe.

Fellow senior team member Brennyn Timmons said the dances are special this year with the streamers because they create a lot of visuals with the formations.

Tayanna Sweet shared that some of their formations include a snake, a “V” formation and a “W” formation.

With the new formations and usage of streamers, seniors have enjoyed working with their new teammates on something they can all learn together.

“It just brings joy and we are amped up to do it all together,” Sweet concluded.

Colorguard is also learning something new.

Their instructor, Brighton, taught them a few different tosses he had learned over the years in college that they could incorporate into their routine.

“It’s definitely an attention grabber,” Co-Captain Katie Ross said. “I’m just really excited for this year.”

Colorguard also has a new sponsor, Beth Dollar, who has helped the team come together and made sure everyone helps each other during some of the more difficult tosses.

This includes senior newcomer, Lilly Byrd, who said she has mixed feelings about it being both her first and last season on Colorguard.

“I’m happy because I absolutely love it and have waited so long to be on this team, but I’m sad because I wish I could’ve gotten to be a part of this longer.”

Byrd promises to make this season count, though.

Fans can see her, along with the rest of Colorguard and Danceline, during Family and Friends Day on August 4 at Bainbridge High School. While not all props and uniforms will be ready, it will give fans a glimpse of what is to come this season.