Firehouse Arts Center names new After School Arts Program Director

Published 9:23 am Monday, April 11, 2022

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Former John Johnson Elementary School Art teacher and current Hutto Elementary School Digital Literacy teacher, Lindsay Anderson is leaning into a new role at the Firehouse Arts Center.

She was recently announced as the leader of the Firehouse Arts Center After School Program; a job Anderson feels she was made for.

Anderson, a Bainbridge native, has been pursuing artistic interests most of her life. Post high school graduation, she studied Business Management, but always had a creative side project in the works.

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After teaching art last year at JJE during the pandemic, she was thrilled to have the opportunity to lead kids again in hopes of more face-to-face instruction and craft time.

“I’m super excited to do art with kids again and teach the fundamentals through guided instruction,” she said. “I want them to experience art, but also understand how it happens through the process of creating.”

Anderson said last year during her instructional time at JJE she tried to incorporate books or different artist and cultural history into their projects.

“I really wanted them to learn about art, more so than just create a craft and take it home,” she explained. “We did a color wheel last year, where I was able to explain primary colors and how when blended they create something else.”

Anderson plans to take this same teaching philosophy with her into the Firehouse Arts Center After School Program.

The program, which begins April 11, is set to last six weeks.

During those six weeks, Anderson said every week will have a new topic. However, the class may not complete a project on the topic every week. It may be a multiple weeks-long craft or a larger project that incorporates everything they’ve learned during the program.

The Firehouse Arts Center is thrilled to see what Anderson creates with the students.

“We had several recommendations for Lindsay and they all spoke to her imagination and creativity, as well as her ability to handle a classroom setting,” said Director Jessica Polsky. “We look forward to seeing what the kids make during the next six weeks.”

The After School Art Program is available for children in grades K-2nd and grades 3rd-6th.

The Program will meet weekly, with the K-2nd meeting on April 11th and 3rd-6th meeting on April 12th. The cost is $90 per child with registration available at