Memorial Hospital & Manor receives eICU grant from Ga. Dept. of Community Health

Published 9:29 am Monday, January 24, 2022

The Memorial Hospital Authority met for their monthly meeting Tuesday afternoon. Among the items discussed included the hospital’s financials for December. According to Authority Chairwoman Glennie Bench, it was a good month, with the hospital having a net income of $1,698,000. Of that net income, $535,000 was COVID relief from the Department of Health and Human Services, while $1,010,000 was donations from the Georgia Heart Foundation.

Also on the agenda was discussion of capital expenditures, which included $293,000 on a new roof over the ICU and E.R., as well as additional fees for things like replacing flooring in the common area at Willow Ridge, as well as ceiling tiles, flooring and an evaporator at the hospital.

One of the more notable items on the agenda was the hospital being the recipient of an eICU grant from the Georgia Department of Community Health. The grant will fund the hospital to the tune of $450,000 per year for three years to allow the hospital to employ Emory physicians, who will aide in monitoring patients over the weekends via a telemedicine set-up. According to Bench, “Emory doctors will have all the real-time medical information being monitored on an ICU patient as it’s happening, just as if they were standing at their bedside” She elaborated, “They will see the same alarms or alerts go off as they would if sitting in our ICU and can place the same real-time orders to our local on-site doctors when needed.”

This will allow the hospital to keep more patients in ICU, as well as care for more acutely ill patients they would otherwise have to send off to other hospitals. Bench also said that Memorial hopes to have built up its capabilities by the time the grant runs out, so the hospital will be able to continue to provide that level of care.

The hospital plans to have the telemedicine program operational by the end of the summer.