Bearcat assistant coach offered job at Texas A&M University

Published 2:18 pm Wednesday, January 12, 2022

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Bearcats Defensive Backs coach Rohan Gaines recently shared some exciting news; he will be joining the coaching and recruiting staff at Texas A&M University.

As a former football player at the University of Arkansas, Gaines has long been dreaming of coaching at the college level. However, he needed some experience first.

In 2018, Gaines returned home to help assist and coach the Bearcats. During that year, the Bearcats would go on to win their first state title since 1982.

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While coaching the Bearcats, Gaines met senior athlete, Deyon “Smoke” Bouie, who he made an instant connection with.

Bouie was widely sought out by numerous colleges, but one stuck out to him: Texas A&M. Gaines had a connection at A&M, as his cousin Nick Williams is the Defensive Analyst. Gaines then took Bouie on an official visit, asking Williams to recruit Bouie, but put him in connection with the right people, if possible.

Williams did just that.

“He put me in the room with the right people,” Gaines said. “When I left there the first time, players, coaches, parents loved me. It was a great time; I naturally blended in with everyone there.”

Gaines returned a second time, and said he worked the room and spoke with Head Coach Jimbo Fisher.

“I talked to Jimbo and he liked me,” Gaines said. “I also talked to the other coaches on the staff and they liked me, so it was kind of like a mutual hire.”

Gaines will spend his first year as a graduate assistant on the defense side of the ball, working with fellow defense graduate assistant, Antonio Cromartie, the defensive backs and Coach TJ Rushing.

Not only will Gaines get to help coach, but he will also be given the opportunity to help recruit.

Gaines said Fisher has given he and Williams the task of recruiting heavily in the South Georgia and South Florida area.

“I’m very excited,” he said. “This has always been a dream of mine.”

While Gaines will be down in the regional area, he said his goal is to become recognized as a national recruiter.

“I’m really just looking forward to getting my foot in the door, though,” he said. “I love coaching ball and I love mentoring people.”

Gaines said he plans to be in his position for 2-3 years, before he hopefully becomes a permanent positions coach.

Gaines knows this opportunity would not have been possible without his return to Bainbridge.

“Coming to Bainbridge definitely prepared me for this moment,” he said. “It allowed me to take off the player hat and turn into full coach mode, and if I hadn’t started here, I would’ve never had that, so I’m definitely thankful.”

Gaines specifically thanked Head Coach Jeff Littleton and late Principal Roy Mathews.

“Without them, I wouldn’t be here,” Gaines said.

Gaines is set to move to College Station on January 15, where he will begin his graduate assistant program for the team and begin pursuing a Master’s Degree in Education.