BOE approves track resurfacing at meeting

Published 1:53 pm Monday, December 20, 2021

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Thursday night during the Board of Education’s monthly meeting, Superintendent Tim Cochran recommended approval for the BHS Track renovation, which was unanimously approved by the board.

On November 2, the BOE began advertising for bids to resurface the track at BHS. The track is reportedly 10 years old and has never received any resurfacing. It is recommended it have maintenance completed every three years, but Cochran explained it has not, which has caused a lot of wear and tear over the years.

“It’s peeling off and has cracks,” Cochran said. “It’s long overdue.”

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The BOE received bids from two companies: Premier Surface Solutions and Hellas.

Both companies submitted bids for a 10mm and 13mm resurfacing option.

Upon checking references, Cochran recommended the Board’s approval for the low bid from Premier Surface Solutions for a 10mm Black Surface at a cost of $142,055.

Due to Premier Surface Solutions’ current schedule and climate issues, the company felt the job could not be completed prior to this track season. However, they have agreed to do the re striping, so it meets the standards for this year’s track program.

Once the season is over, the company will begin the project in the spring after temperatures have warmed up, allowing the track to maintain a certain level overnight in order to ensure proper adhesion.

Cochran feels confident the company will do an excellent job, as they were the ones responsible for Lowndes High School’s track.

The track coaches are also reportedly happy with the update, as they were the ones allowed to pick which type of track they wanted.

“They wanted the 10 mm because it’s a faster track, and I trust their judgment,” Cochran said.

This will be the first of many updates to come in the next few years, as the new middle school will hold their groundbreaking for their campus in late April. The school will be adjacent to the high school, allowing them to use the high school facilities for more than just training purposes.