Feeling Romy and Michelle’s Pain

Published 9:30 am Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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Recently one of my favorite movies, Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion was added to Hulu.

For those of you who have never seen the movie, Romy and Michelle are due for their high school reunion in Tucson, but both girls feel as if they have something to prove at the reunion and opt to pose as “business ladies” who are known for developing Post-Its.

During their high school years, Romy and Michelle were picked on by the A-Group. Romy was formerly overweight, while Michelle had a back brace. They don’t want to face the humiliation again, but fear they haven’t accomplished much since those days.

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Romy now works in the service department of a Jaguar Dealership, while Michelle is currently unemployed. The duo live together in an apartment in Venice, Los Angeles, California, but have no real husband-material prospects.

As a child, I loved this movie.

I would pass through the den and see it on, and never really understood what was happening; I just liked the flashy clothes Michelle would make.

As an adult, this movie is not as funny, because I relate on a personal level.

My 10-year high school reunion is two years away and I face some of their struggles.

In high school, I would have boys “pretend” to like me, only for me to later find out it was some elaborate prank, where everyone was in on it.

After I left high school, I thought to myself that at my 10-year reunion I would show them what they missed out on. As I look around, I realize they haven’t missed much.

Like Romy, I was a bit on the heavy side. However, I have lost weight. Mine wasn’t due to Mono like hers was, but it was due to medication.

Also like Romy, I do not have any male prospects, and up until about a year ago, I was still living with a female roommate.

On the opposite side, I do have a job, so that is a plus!

I recently got a taste of what a reunion might be like.

Last weekend, one of my sorority sisters got married and I knew some of our sorority sisters would be there.

I had not seen most of them in over 4 years, so I took it as a chance to really impress.

I got a spray tan, dyed and cut my hair, got my makeup professionally done, got a pedicure, got new clothes. I really wanted to go from a 0 to a 10 in approximately one week.

In my mind, I was successful.

Everyone told me I looked great and that they couldn’t believe my makeup or that I was a Managing Editor at a newspaper.

I know that the way I looked is not who I am every day, but I really wanted to give these girls, who are now all engaged, a snapshot of the greatest me, even though I am not engaged yet.

In all reality, these girls probably don’t even think about me daily, so it was great they thought I looked glamorous that one night, but those moments are fleeting. Their opinion doesn’t define you for life.

While I won’t spoil the ending, Romy and Michelle come to a similar conclusion.

So, while not as funny anymore, the movie is still great and I still watch it and love most every minute of it.

If I can convince my old roommate, I might just go as Romy or Michelle for Halloween!