And the hits keep on coming

Published 10:58 am Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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In the movie A Few Good Men, the Tom Cruise character, Lt. Daniel Kaffee, says, “And the hits keep on coming.” What does he mean? It’s sarcasm for when one bad situation follows another. “The hits just keep on coming.”

I wouldn’t fault the current presidential administration if they were to say that for it seems that during the last few weeks of summer, there have been plenty of bad situations that have followed one after another. It’s like another meme that’s familiar to most. It is said that Will Rogers is the creator of the saying, “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”

If the mistakes were miniscule, it wouldn’t be so bad. We might could laugh at them. Yet, the miscalculations coming out of this administration are not only deadly to some, but egregiously harmful to our beautiful USA. Here are the two most recent ones.

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I have written about the withdrawal from Afghanistan. There are enough errors in the execution of that plan to fill volumes, but as I wrote a few weeks ago, a large majority of Americans supported the decision to withdraw. And we’ll never forget the airport suicide bomber who killed 13 American troops and almost 170 innocent Afghans.

Then something just as horrible happened. It was plain to see the popularity of the president declining precipitously. Something needed to be done to stop the decline.

Our military was touting the capability of “Over the Horizon” attacks. Those are drone attacks, meaning unmanned and technically advanced missiles that we could use as if we were playing fictional war games with our laptop computers. We could identify, somehow, the enemy and, swiftly, with no danger to our forces, strike and kill with great precision.

Two days after our 13 were killed we supposedly identified an enemy car and our military leaders told us we had destroyed a carload of terrorists who were intent upon another suicide mission. Our Joint Chief of Staff, General Mark Milley, looked into the cameras and called it a “righteous strike.”

He lied. As it turned out, when all the facts were acknowledged by the Pentagon, instead of an ISIS-K carload of terrorists, our drone had destroyed a white, civilian Toyota with bottles of water in the trunk. No bombs, but we killed a family of ten, including seven children.

Mistakes happen and war is hell. I understand that, but no real American citizen can be proud of such a horrendous act. There has to be a hard and truthful investigation and accountability. Where did Harry Truman say the buck stopped?

The second “hit that keeps on coming” is on the southern border; you know that border that is supposedly closed?

I’m glad to be in south Georgia, but what if, by the grace of God, I lived in south Texas? What if I lived and had business or a farm in the Del Rio area? I would have already been fed up with the illegal crossings into my town, but a month ago, the crossings were in the dozens per day.

Now, within the last week, there are an extra 15,000, mostly Haitians, sitting under the International Bridge that connects Mexico and us. They’ve invaded that town and our nation.

The Constitution of the United States was not written with a “clear” statement of the federal government’s responsibility toward immigration, but the courts have deemed that the feds have the authority. Regardless, we look to Washington DC to regulate our borders.

It’s been a mess for decades, but this past week in Del Rio, Texas, we might say, “that takes the cake!” I’m ready for the “hits” to stop. I’ve heard enough.