Criminal trespassing leads to meth arrests

Published 9:58 am Monday, August 16, 2021

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Last week, the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office received a call in reference to criminal trespassing. Upon arrival, deputies quickly found that it was more than just a trespassing case, as Bobby Pearson Jr. and Jeremi Chaney were arrested for possession of methamphetamines.

According to reports, on Wednesday, August 4, Betty Rackley called into E-911 stating she had witnessed Chaney trespass on her property.

Chaney has been warned on several occasions to stay away from Rackley’s property and been trespassed multiple times by various deputies and investigators.

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DCSO Deputy Charles King and Captain Adam Mobley then responded to scene.

When they arrived, Rackley informed them that Chaney had left the scene in a black four- door Ford truck headed toward Vada.

Mobley was familiar with Chaney and proceeded to the address he knew Chaney lived at on Arline Cemetery Road, while King continued to speak with Rackley and take her statement.

Mobley pulled into Chaney’s driveway and saw the black four-door F150 with Chaney sitting in the passenger seat. He also noticed another male, Pearson, who he was familiar with as the driver.

Mobley asked Chaney why he had been on Rackley’s property and he informed Mobley he was dropping off his girlfriend, Rachel Rackley, the daughter of Betty.

Chaney told Mobley Rachel was supposed to only be there for a short while, but she never came back out, so he and Pearson drove to his address.

Mobley accepted Chaney’s statement and informed the men he was going to run the vehicle’s tag.

After running the tag, Mobley noted that it did not come back registered to that vehicle.

He asked Pearson for an explanation and Pearson claimed it was a maintenance vehicle.

Mobley then ran the vin number and found the truck to be stolen from the Thomasville Police Department.

Once realizing the vehicle was stolen, Mobley performed a subsequent search of the vehicle and found a fake soda can filled with a quantity of suspected methamphetamine.

Mobley ran a field test and confirmed it was methamphetamine.

He then asked who it belonged to and neither Chaney nor Pearson claimed ownership and were both arrested.

Mobley also located a gun in the vehicle.

Knowing Pearson was a convicted felon, Mobley also charged Pearson with possession of arms by a convicted felon, and additionally with theft by receiving stolen property in reference to the truck.

Pearson was then arrested and held with no bond reported.