Former Bearcat joins Enterprise State Boll Weevils team

Published 9:35 am Tuesday, August 10, 2021

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Former Bainbridge Bearcat baseball player, Michael Conder has committed to Enterprise State Community College to further his baseball career.

Conder, who graduated in 2021 as a centerfielder for the Bearcats, said the college seemed like a perfect fit for him after he completed a workout with the team and visited.

“I have family that lives close by there and my dad went to Enterprise, so I just really liked the feel of it,” he said.

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Conder’s visit to Enterprise started with a call from his former freshman year baseball coach, Jason Hurst.

Conder said Hurst left after his freshman year and is now the assistant head coach at Enterprise. Hurst additionally played at Georgia Southern, and knows what it takes to be a college athlete, something Conder respected.

Hurst had kept up with Conder though the seasons and called and asked him if he would be interested in coming to workout with the Boll Weevils.

Conder was excited. However, the week before he was supposed to attend the workout, he strained his hamstring, which he said really threw a wrench in his plans.

Within a week, Conder was back at it and called Hurst to see if they would be willing to let him do some hitting and throwing.

Hurst agreed and let Conder come visit the Boll Weevil field.

Upon seeing his hitting and throwing abilities, Hurst knew Conder would be a great addition to the team and offered him a spot.

Conder was thrilled, stating how much he loved the campus and how excited he was to further his career, while still remaining close to home.

While Conder will leave behind a legacy at the Bearcat Diamonds, he will always remember what he was taught.

“Keep up the hard work and grit; never look back,” he said.

Conder knows that he’s not quite done with all the Bearcats just yet, though.

He will have the opportunity to play Nolan Barr, Jackson McCullough and Colton Harrell from Andrew College during his time at Enterprise and said he is especially looking forward to that.

Although somewhat of a later commitment, Conder will soon join the team for practices and show the Boll Weevil family what he is capable of bringing to the field